Monday, 17 January 2011

LAST YEAR - WE DID THIS ! next year we do much more......

So , last year we did plenty and here's a reminder of what's been going on inside those big ole doors with me n Glen wielding big hammers and boogeying along to whatever crap comes on the radio !

We have had some fun , done some shows , travelled around the world and taken some photo's (badly) hell -i think we got 4600 pics on our Flickr pages now !

We took some movies too , see them here -

And we filled the shop up with loverley Jubbley stock of cool stuff . see that here -

It's nice for me to look back on what i'm doing now - compared to running a big Ducati dealership - this is creative heaven , so i'd like to say a big thanks to everyone we've met in the world of Flattrack racing , anyone who's stepped thru my door (including some European customers who maybe never will !) , Guys we work with (now friends ) inc Sideburn , Death spray , Great Frog , Shorttrack uk , Dutch brothers etc etc and my suppliers the world over .
Have a great 2011 , i know i will .
Steve n Rach X