Tuesday, 20 September 2011

RACE UPDATE - FROM HOSPITAL !!! Actually I'm trying to do this on my I phone and it ain't workin ! Result is broken fibula and arm broken in 4 places

Ok , i'm home now - bed downstairs in frontroom ! not feeling to much pain either - which considering the damage ain't bad !
Love Rye house but it don't love me , got the Norton dialled in and was looking forwards to a front row start in the third race - as the Reverend comes off the line like a train , i was expecting a holeshot to the front - which i duly got ! Bliss !

anyway i held everyone off till bout the third lap when i went slightly wide and someone went sliding thru much faster and on out to the barrier (paul Baleta) i remember thinking "thank god he missed me" then something rammed me at a million miles an hour and my bike was removed from under me into the air and deposited on my head ! Someone was way outta control and used me to stop him .
Now , i know when i'm hurt and when you can't move your arm when you tell it to - you got problems - as well as the broken leg and loss of vision i'd broken the top of my arm in 4 places near the shoulder socket - still can't lift it but at least i can feel it now !

The docs don't reckon i'll have any real strength in that arm for a year or so - and they want to put a plate in it which'll put me back even further !

I'm in good spirits here really - but i'm very fucked off to get hit from behind like that - i know who it was and hope he can live with knowing he's put me out of action for a year ,ruined our holliday (no refund there ) and of course i can't earn a living for god knows how long - all because you don't think and ride at the same time !

I thought it might be nice to take my dad along for his first flattrack meeting to watch me ride -and he got to see this , now he's worried that he jinxed my luck - can't see him coming again.

I love Shorttrack and now i can't do it - thanks .

great pics from Mr Baldock as usual .Ambulance pic from Ant Brown - gonna try n load my x-ray pics now .

Saturday, 17 September 2011


North of London , easy reach for everyone !
Always good racing , taking the Norton for your amusement and my dad as pit crew .
Final GNC round of the year inc REDMAX Thunderbikes , see who wins it (Anthony from Co-built is looking fave at the mo....)
Cu all there !

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Well - the weather turned out fine again and we set up stall near the band , which was nice until we tried to talk over the ruccus !
The stand looked good and drew folk in from miles away - Pauls Yellow Champion yam XS was like Honey to flies ! (thanks again mate !)
Was nice to catch up with many friend from home and overseas ......
We only let cool bikes park outside our stand , all the rice burners and resin rockets were sent on their way .
So we ended up with a couple of 70's Honda cafe racers , a Norvin , a BMW cafe racer , a SR500 streetracker , a Harley Streetracker , a commando cafe racer and a Wacky triumph bobber with 21" wheels front and rear !
Nice to put more names to faces , specially those guys from Europe i was'nt expecting to see (you know who you are !)
So bikes , birds , beer , sun and fun .
Job done (still gotta unload the van n trailer tho....)

Friday, 9 September 2011


Hi guys ! We are having a Stall and bike display along Madera Drive (seafront) - pop on down and see us ! This is a massive Bike meeting stretching several miles along the Victorian seafront - with Cafe racers and customs and our Flattrackers on display . Several Bands will be on stage throughout the day and plenty of stalls to look at from traders and bike clubs .

This was originally a Rockers only run from Chelsea bridge to the seaside organised by Len Patterson , and i have great memories of these runs in the 80's on my Connie and a Slippery Sam T150 ! The police used to block off all the junctions as we headed en-mass to Brighton non-stop , one big pack of Rockers - Kin ace ! Don't s'pose the Police would do that now (fat chance) and the run from the Ace is a very crap route across the smoke which would burn out a Goldie clutch in about 10 mins !
Anybody remember the Rockers Reunion dances at Battersea town hall ? Great rockin affairs over two stories with great atmosphere and hot bands - much better than the diluted gigs held in the (very large) sports hall nowadays in Reading .The Batersea gigs ended when some long hairs stabbed one of their own outside and Batersea council ended the fun !

Still none of that shit going on this weekend - just bike appreciation and burn ups Rocker style - Hell they even let scooters in nowadays !
Hope to see you there .