Monday, 26 August 2013


And i spoke to Paul today and he said he did a 109 MPH LAP ! Redmax tuning gets you there !

Words from Paul @ Oronero , see link below -

Congratulations Paul Baleta, third in class at IOM Classic TT 2013

Oronero are pleased to announce that Paul Baleta has finished 3rd in class at the IOM Classic TT. Paul finished 14th overall with a time of 1;25;26, achieving almost 106mph average speed throughout the race.
I am sure that part of the success was in due to the meticulous engine rebuild that the SP3 received just prior to the event, which was carried out by Steve Hilary at
All that we contributed in assistance were some additional carbon spares, which in the case of the air runners were manufactured with additional layers of carbon fibre so that the SP3 could endure the bumps and jumps that the Manx circuit is well known for.
The same again next year Paul?Image
DSCN9895 (600x800)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Redmax Speed Shop Norton

Redmax Speed Shop Norton by Mrbigpaws
Redmax Speed Shop Norton, a photo by Mrbigpaws on Flickr.

Thanks Mr Bigpaws !
The bike continues it's love / hate relationship with me ....
As she gets more miles under her belt ,the engine is sharpening up nicely.
On the dark side , i still have to disconnect the injection to stop the injectors leaking overnight ! and she blew two fuses last run out for no apparent reason ....
And i can't stop the clutch slipping -although it only slips in top now .
Just had front cover and center spread in Back Street Heroes , which is good for us !
Overall we are getting some good feedback and publicity from the bike - and that is it's Raison d'etre.
Steve .

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Follow Paul Baleta on his REDMAX 888 on the Isle of Man for the Manx GP , classic racing now allows up to '92 bikes ! Get in !
Follow Paul's progress here -
Big thanks to his other sponsors ORONERO - a supplier of Carbon parts par excellence !
Buy some .
You can also see the build up on our Flickr pages here -

888's are it . full stop .(but i may be biased...)