Monday, 30 March 2009


Just spent the weekend at Dave Murdo's from scooterfarm racing (in Wigan ) , Went out sniffing around bike hoards , then off for a poonami (indian) meal with captain Highside and Von , and of course Sideburn Girl and the Lovely Louise and a whole bunch of great people i never met .

Good food , great company . From there it was on to The Go-Go Cage in Liverpool , which is a hip beat hang out for a great band , check out the pics of the gig (no bike pics here , bit hush hush they are !)

Thanks Dave n Louise for a great weekend !


OK then , just got some pics done in the workshop !
Buell motor is sitting there looking at the C&J frame which is sneering back at it ....
It's already rejected the WP shock i threw at it and that tanks gotta go , etc ,etc

Got WP front end too , but thats still oop north . Pipes fit the Buell motor , so that's one thing less to worry about - wheels next and need a carb really .

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Here's a shot of that Thruxton Bonnie alongside Sideburn Girls real Bonnie (Strumpet) and my Commando(Horton). It ain't a cafe racer if it ain't got clip-ons ............................

Monday, 16 March 2009


Bought a 300 mile old Triumph Thruxton in - so i thought i'd better run it in (not) , so i've been pounding round on it all day - and it ain't bad (got the open pipes kit ). Managed to get over to Glennies (signtastic) to make up a logo for the new firm , so here it is .

Sunday, 15 March 2009


So There we are on saturday early where the autojumble should be and some geezer comes up to the van n says ''it's next week , mush !'' B@llocks . So we head off down to see Miles at Jackhammer get some bits for the 51 Merc i just got , and we bump into Rob on his XS650 streetbobtrackerthing ''it upsets the purists '', he says cos of the BSA tank . here's a pic wot do u reckon ? Spent the rest of the time preping my XR for the racing in two weeks at Scunthorpe (March29th Lancashire Grasstrack Club Shorttrack Meetings) - pic shown with the bike ticking over like a swiss watch and leaning on my fence (Carl patrick u have done us proud !) as anybody knows a normal harley would have fallen thru the fence and vibrated down the hill or stalled whilst the bolts rattled out ! Bring it on !!!

Friday, 13 March 2009


Yep , here she is in all her glory ...............
She has dragraced the Duke in supertwins , ridden the Isle of man TT course and can be found at weekends scratchin' round the lanes on her Triumph 750 Cafe Racer (called Strumpet) , U try n catch her - many have died trying (she's a black belt !)

Thursday, 12 March 2009


You know you want to .........

Dates and fixtures for the Shorttrack UK championship here

At least come n see us at the BMF rounds which are great shows in their own right !

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

XR JUNKIE.......

Hi to Russ , who is one lucky son-of-a -gun ! These are just two of his XR750s(the lower two) - both gorgeous ! I've also added a pic of bike no 85 in red/white as i reckon thats one of his too ! so we only need a pic of his last one (he has 4!) to complete the set !
The XR through the window is in the UK and was on display at a harley dealer over here , could that be Gavins from Oxford HD ? May be wrong tho cos i thought the pic was of Surrey HD's window ? A friend of mine (Kieth) has a XR on the road in Winchester , he knows so i'll find out and get a pic of his too .
There must be quite a few XR's and Streettrackers in the UK and if you send your pics in , i'll post em .
Then when we've got enough XR's and Streettrackers we'll have a meet up/burn up and show 'em off big time . Who's in ?
PS - Russ just updated me , thy're not all his - but belong to him and his close friends ! :-0
And that is Gavins XR in Oxford HD 's window .

Monday, 9 March 2009


S'pose i gotta update sooner or later ! so here's my new frame - a monoshock C&J chassias from the good ole US of A . Got White Power forks n shock and a new tank n seat coming too (ones shown for mock up dreaming purposes :-)but look crap.) . Have 1200 buell motor suposedly with 102hp (doubt it) and stainless supertrapps on the side . Want Performance Machine wheels for her now , anyone know of any ? More pics after blasting/painting . Steve .

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Ok then , here at last are my Ducati 450 tracker pics .
She's a long way from done as you can see , although the chassias is all there , the real wheels are at paint n blast cos they are magnesium and it's best to look under the paint before use !
Thats not the real tank , which i'm fabricating from alloy because it has the fuel injection pump fitted to the bottom . the box out front is the injection computor which will control the twin overhead injectors spraying directly into the 60mm throttle bodies . The motor is one half of Frankie Chillies 999R corsa motor , which is a testastretta desmodromic four valve engine with 13k rpm limit ! Oh yea . Thats blank cases in there just to wheel her around , but the motor is nearly finished then it's on to one of my fave parts - the exhaust . Stainless of course made of offcuts down low n out by the right hand side of the wheel terminating in a old style megaphone with removeable innards .
Who knows when it'll be finished , but i'm on the case right now !
Steve .

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Photos below are...........

Those pics are , My commando caff racer (Rev Horton Heat), sideburn girl in between my norton norvil and her Strumpet T140 caff racer (i keep her chained to the bench in there :-0) , Harley Streettracker , Mum n dad with their Connie in 1958 and lastly, me n my Connie 1980 ( dig that hair ).


Oh yea , i'm just a old rocker at heart - so heres a few pics of my caff racers !

Yep , i can't move for old crap in my garage , but i would'nt have it any other way !


Same trip , we went to the drag race finals at pomona - but the best bit was Wally Parks drag race museum in the grounds ! Dead cool . Dead. Cool.

Dry lakes racers

Same trip , different day !Out on the dry lakes in the scorchin sun ...
Oh yeah more bikes n cars .Wot else eh ?


Just come back from vacation in California , where my hand slipped in my pocket and i bought a 1950 Mercury old style lead sled - by mistake of course !
Got it off the boat the other day and cruised back the 100 or so miles from the docks - no problems .
She's still running the origional Flathead V8 set up , mildly tuned and cruised at 80 odd on the motorway , window down listening to those twin pipes a burbling .
Dad in car behind so's no-one rear ended me , with the 6V lights u can't see (thanks dad !)
Happy days .

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Did u see...

Did u spot the Psycomania helmet on the bench to the right ?
Chippy from Classic bike mag doing his thing !
32 ford pick up - classic race transportation . full stop .

Can't seem to upload the Ducati pics . Doh .

Projects a go-go !

Ok , gonna start off by uploading some pics of my current Flattrack projects which are ......
No 1 .
Ducati testastretta 450cc single (one off engine build ! ) 888 corsa frame converted to mono shock , ohlins suspenders etc .
kinda just what u'd expect from a Ducati build only in dirt track form !
No 2 .
C&J harley - monoshock street tracker , tuned buell motor and ... well that's all i got at the mo !
Not really a project more of a lets see if we can keep it going all year type of thing ...
1977 XR 750 Hardley - movinson .
Racing her in Shorttrack UK series again this year (as it was so much fun last year)
She's a big old bus compared to the bikes we're up against on such small tracks , but
who could have her and not race her ! WHO ?
Maybe you got one ? get her out and come along . NOW !

That's all for now , gonna try n work out how to upload these pics .
Steve #59