Sunday, 29 November 2009


Yep put one o these babies next to a new Thruxton and there's no contest .

It's like sitting Raquel Welsh next to Maddona (although they're both past it now !) Maybe that's true here too ?

But who'd want a sports bike in today's traffic eh ? And just look at that NORTON .
I Want one - of course , just been to the NEC bike show and sat on one and they've done a great job on it , don't s'pose it'll go or handle like my Sport classic Duke - but i'm not getting rid of that anyway .

Few pics from the show here (mainly the NORTON tho )


I've been a lot of places , but name a capital city where you can leave your Expensive camera on the table in a crowded bar , and get it back in the post the next month !

Paris that's where ! Seb and the boyz tracked it down for me and made sure i got it back .
Thanks to all the Paris Fat club , specially Sonic Seb.
Here's some pics off of that very camera of the Day .

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

It's all a bit of a Jumble , i'm afraid !

Hi Y'all , coming to the end of the season - so i thought i'd post a few pics from some of the shows we've been out n about to over the year !
Think these are from the recent Ardingly jumble/show in Sussex and Sammy millers museum in Hants .
We see more n more Streetrackers on our travels to shows n Jumbles and meet the most interesting people doing it - and some old bastids too !
You can't build a bike just off of Fleabay you know so pile in at the next autojumble and get a bargain and rub shoulders with some real people and roll around on the floor fighting for that Vincent part u don't need !
Oh and smell the oil/rust ! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nectar .
We may be having a stall at the Show/Jumble this Sunday in Newbury (weather permitting)
May see you there ?
Take change , a kung foo bag , and Haggle like crazy !
Still there's the Off Road and spares show at Malvern next sunday ! ALL INDOORS ! Gonna try that one for size (ever the optamist !) If that's your area and you want me to take something up there - let me know , although i'm taking a shed load of stock any way !

Friday, 13 November 2009


Not really , just sounded right for the title !

Anyway there's one man out there who walks the walk AND talks the talk .
Pete Boast . Yep this man wakes up one day and says i'm gonna start a Flattrack series in the UK . so he does .
Then he thinks , now it's good and we've got the best riders in europe fighting over the title, i'm gonna win it . and he does .
Not content with that , he wins both titles (country and western ) no - i mean Shorttrack and Thunderbike titles , back to back .
Then he hops on a plane and thinks , i can win the European championship too . And he does .
He even goes over to the States and tries his luck there , but you can push your luck so far .
Anyway Big up to the main man (as they say over there ) , let's here it for Pete Boast .
3 Titles-One year.
Thanks Pete , cos we love racin' ya too .
Follow this link to Pete's site and join up (or just buy a T shirt)


Man , what a coupla weeks down here at the Speedshop ! got three boxes of tanks in from the USA and sold em all there n then . So i re-order them from the States again and i still think i'm about two tanks behind on the orders i have taken ! Anyway one box came in today (out of three!) and there were no tanks in it and no tracking info either (weasel did'nt like the sound of this .....) so i'm crossing all my fingers in the vain hope they turn up on monday .Then i gotta order it all again (Thank god for VISA) , if this keeps up i may just break even !
Got loads of new lines in , Tell tale tachs , lights and controls etc
But the best selling stuff at the moment is the Trackmaster tanks i do for Triumph T140 (and other oif bikes) and the new T140 seat (custom made to fit the wide frame rails). Also in is XS650 seats (custom fit to std frame rails).
Also coming along nicely is the shop runaround W650 , see pic - actually that's not how it looks , cos i've changed the tank and seat since then and tried 3 lights none of which i liked , so it 2 steps forward , 3 steps back (repeat untill fade !) see it coming together here
Got plenty of projects coming on now , and have a unused GNC Flattrack frame/swing arm for a Harley / Buell motor for sale (like this one)
if anyones interested ? (not cheap tho) Hens teeth i think !.
Look at that rain out there ! Stair rods .

Monday, 2 November 2009


What a weekend we had ! Me n Gary Side and Ben Burn all cooped up in the REDMAX van , loaded with goodies and an XR750 . First off to see the Cool dudes at Ruby Helmets (J&D) to a trendy bar that night , with some street trackers parked outside and a who's who of Paris bike life kicking around , i felt like one of the faces .
Anyhoo we thought it'd be a good idea to get the XR out and ride it around the streets with no lid or gear and arrive at the bar , so we did - and it was .
Seb is a great guy from the Fat club M/C dudes he put us up in his appartment for the night (thanks mate) and then showed us the workshop the club shares in town and his bikes XS flattracker and Buell cafe racer (right up my street). How Super ! They got a Dyno n all there .
Then it was off to Dimities House for a photo shoot with the XR and Ruby helmets for Jerome (one cool Hendrix dude), which i enjoyed immensely (and was given an origional Evel Knievel canyon jump jacket to wear for it !) these guys are on our wavelength ! Spent a while getting Dimitries Triumph streetracker going for which i got to go round the streets on it ! she rode great too . So i sparked up the XR and returned the favour - u shoulda seen the smile on those boy faces !
Not only are they great guys , they got great wives too - and they laid on a Fab Mexican lunch. Thanks Girls , mucho appreciato Senoritas .We of course stayed too long and had to rush around Paris to see the shops we came to visit and were late getting to the Fat club party after the trains broke down in town ! But the guys there were welcoming and set us down with some food near the band and we displayed the XR on the stage too ! there was no room for our stall but we chilled and chatted to the guys until time to go (we were driving overnite to the Chunnel !)
Thanks Fat Club Paris for the good times and party , Big Big thanks again Sonic Seb .Thanks To Jerome and Dimitrie and the lovely wives !
See more pics here on (even more if i find my camera , these are from my phone!)Flickr .