Monday, 29 March 2010


Nah - it's not that film from the 80's (good tho it may be ...)

This is all about the WILD WIGAN WEEKEND we just had .

Actually my weekend started on Thursday , and it goes something like this -
Thursday 5pm - jump in car drive up the Smoke to Camden to see the Rev Horton Heat at the Electric Ballroom - get home 2am ! (150 miles trip).
Friday Mornin , load all the gear and 1x XR750 flattracker in the van , Lunchtime drive to Wigan (225 miles ), getting stuck in some crap traffic on way (5hr drive !) For the Stags/Sideburn no5 launch party , set up the bike on stage for the Burlesque girl to crawl over , sit back n watch the show ! Ace . The band really rocked (dave Scootafarm Murdo on base) and the atmosphere was fab , with people from all over attending , met some great guys there . Davida put up part of their picture gallery , and Sideburn were launching mag no 5 on the world (gary was the first on the dance floor too !) , burlesque girls were selling the raffle tickets for a Davida helmet , and i'm sure i saw a Donkey get cut in two on the stage !Get back to Dave's gone 3am !
Saturday . Rise @ 9am get down to the Yankee diner for some grits with the boys , then onto the WIGAN SHORTY TRACK opening event at an undisclosed address , which was fab - we even had some races on the smaller bikes !(great job on the track guys ) Then back to unload the Stags gear outta the van into the lock-up , off for Chips n Gravy at the Drive- by shooting chippy , back to change then off to Liverpool to the Go Go Cage for two bands (Doctor Combover and the Jim Jones Revue ) Very happening evening , Back to Dave's for @ 3am !
Sunday , up at 8am , drive 3 or so hours down to Norfolk arena (189miles) for the Shorttrack UK first official practice of the year - and it was good to be back on track ! Bit worried about the track grip and my riding at first , then Boastie says they've put down Scunthorpe dirt - but it all came good when they watered it and once again Kings-lynn was like clay . Superb ! then pack it all up n jump in the van , drive (200 miles)back to Winchester for 10pm , just in time for a hug from Sideburn Girl n jump into bed for a very long coma-like sleep !
Total mileage -@800. (saw fuel @1.27 liter! fookin rip off .)
Rest needed to recover - 1 month .
Band total 3.
Bikes ridden 4 .
Burlesque girls gurned over 3.
Hours of sleep - not enough.
Hours of driving - too many .
I should know better at my age ! (21)
Thanks Dave n Louise for putting me up in the loft !

Friday, 19 March 2010


Yep this is a copy , straight from the SHORTTRACKUK.COM website , cos i'm still jetlagged from my USA trip (more of that soon )but this has to be said , so here it is - somebody elses words !(probably Daves)

What a weekend is in store at the end of March, commencing with the amazing Sideburn Issue 5 Magazine Launch Party, in Wigan On Friday 26th March. It is shaping up to be the event of the year, with THE STAGS live on stage (their first home show in over two years so they have a bunch of new songs), Motorcycle Buresque, Davida Helmets Moto-Photo art show davidamotophoto and some vintage flat trackers on display. For more info visit sideburnmag
Then on Saturday afternoon it's the Grand Opening of the Skooter Farm / Sideburn practice track, at an undisclosed location near the team. We've often said here at STUK, if you're not getting enough riding in that you should build your own practice track and that's exactly what Skooter Farm and Sideburn have done. UInfortunately, it does all have to kept low key so can't be open to allcomers, just invited guests of the team (get in touch with Dave or Gary if you think they should've invited you). Get inspiration to build your own track from these pics or visiting Dave Arnold's blog full-frokkul
OK, if you haven't got time to lay your own track before the end of March and you need to get some track time before the start of the season, you'd be as well to come to the official Shorttrack UK Press and Practice day on Sunday 28th March. It's at The Norfolk Arena, Saddlebow Road, King's Lynn, PE34 3AG, starts at 1pm, costs just £30 and is open to all classes - shorttrack, mini bikes, juniors. Hope to see you all there, cos then it's only two weeks until the start of the racing season.
Well, with all that going on, we're going to need a lie down by the end of the weekend!

So be there or be cuboid .Mama knows best .