Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Yes they were ! Some great racing again at Shorttrack UK on a nice slick track at the BMF show in P'Borough . Some rain , some sun , lots of action .Boastie off on the floor mid corner , Jason off into the corner , me off on the start/finish line ! Great crowd in the stands too . Scooter farm boys Dave n John having great days with John taking two wins and Dave scooping a bag of points too , me n Jase scooping mainly dirt from the Track and Gary looking as smooth as ever . More pics on my Flick page


Yup - lost my senses during a conversation about having a Brass plated Grille surround with some "arty" friends of mine , who said -"we can gold leaf it !" " Cool i said" , not consulting my taste buds , "lets do it !" So here it is - and you can see it from space . Having said all that i'm pleased with it and i'm gonna laquer it asap to dull it down a bit, so it don't look quite as 23 carrat as it really is .Not bad for £40 of leaf really and who else has one as bad taste as this ? No-one that's who! (Thanks Owain n Sas 4 an interesting take on 'nostalgia rods')

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Lookee here , some framers , once again scanned from my old Daytona pics showing Framers with other Motors in em ! One is the official HRC entry from Allen Marioneaux (honda) and another is the KTM effort with a J&M frame i believe ! The best pic from my point of view is Gary Nixons race truck stacked out with a whole fleet of what look like Sonic-weld framed Goldstar BSA's - Knockout ! I'd a knicked that truck there n then cept it was locked and gaurded by about 6 mechanics , way to go . Anyway here in the UK we need more o them Jonny foreigner motors in some framers and a whole load more classics out there (in Shorttrack UK) , so get building , sell that supermoto frame n get a Co-Built chassias from Anthony and a tank from us and bob's yer uncle - Class in a Glass . Nuff said (probably).

SUPER TWINS (no it's not Pam Anderson either!)

Big twins in the pits for the Super Twins race on the high banking at Daytona Speedway , you shoulda heard em on the banking - Fab ! Couple o XR's there and some real nice Nortons , but what really did it for me were the Brittens , dunno why but i love em (probably cos a bike built in a shed can kick Ducati's arse!) These were the Dutch Brittens not the AUS variety , by the way .


Yep here are some more pics from my trip to daytona in 99 , this time from the AHRMA classic meeting at Deland i think it was . KIn hard racing going on and our boy Qualified well on the Folan twin we took along , and Mr Renwick kicked US arse on his Vincent Grey Flash too.....These pics come from the pits and tech inspection on race day , love those sidevalves don't you ?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Here's a taster of our new stock coming in from the States , these are high Quality Fibreglass Flattrack tanks with nice alloy caps ready to paint or use as is . More pics as the stuff rolls in !

Thanks Dave for the images.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Ben popped up to watch at Kings Lynn , and bought up his Flattracker in the van so it could smell the racing , come and have a looksee - he said . And there she was , in all her two stoke glory , a 70's YZ 400 in flattrack trim . Cool . Turns out to be the same one i tried to buy a little while ago . Ben sent me this e-mail n pics attached.......
Hey Steve-
Thanks for putting up with me hangin around yesterday-I had a great time, and it has inspired me to race rather than spectate! Going to chase up Keith at Motolink with regards spares for my early YZ-need to know I can re-build it easily when it goes pop! Let me know when the dirt track near you is open and I'll run up and have a blast with you.
See you soon, Ben.
See you on the track , behind the blue haze !

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Yep don't argue , not listening . Best track surface i've ever raced on , with a blue groove a mile wide and you can run into the dirt and still get back . best UK racin' i've ever seen too , with the punch ups in the semi's making you think ur watching a final with a grand at stake ! God it was good . Skooterfarm boys winning all over the place , Gary two heats and Capt Highside the REDMAX Thunderbikes Final ! Me n Dave had to be content with watching it all from the back and we felt like we were going good , just not as good as the others . Our day will come.......... maybe. Anyway you won't see racing that good outside of the USA and even then , well - Kings Lynn Rocks . Full Stop .


I know i'm biased , but where else would you see this mixture of mad , bad bikes actually racing ? REDMAX THUNDERBIKES that's where ! And there are so many proper framers out there now , it feels normal to have one , so ditch those DTX bikes and supermotos and get on a quality framer . Anthony Browns CO-BUILT is a fab piece of kit and made right here in the UK (pics to follow , or see his blog and just watch how smooth Boastie and Gary are on theirs ! These pics tho are of the more unusual bikes that make it so interesting for us all . Gerry on the gixer is plain barking , get it fixed n back out there mate .Never got to chat to the Monster owner , but would like to know how she goes.More pics (120) by SIDEBURN GIRL here


Bit the bullet and sponsored the Shorttrack UK Thunderbike class , and it feels nice to put something back into the sport and support Pete and Jackie who do such a great job running the whole thing . Was stoked to see my logo everywhere inc this years no board (shown).

Whilst we're on the subject , i'm now stocking SIDEBURN MAG cos Gary and Ben do a fab job on that and it's all helping to make the scene bigger - which is the whole point of my Speedshop.