Friday, 10 December 2010


There's a hole in my heart right now that's Rach shaped .
She left the road sat mornin on black ice and a big ole tree stopped her progress .
She broke two vertebre in her back and it was'nt looking so good until the MRI scan results today , when we were told no operation will be nessesary - so that's good news right ? She's in Bartlet ward of Winchester Hospital right now and let's hope she can come home in some way for Christmas cos she loves Crimbo ! Yesterday they took her off of the Morphine and got the tube out of her stomach and suddenly the sparkle was back in those brown eyes...............
Want you back Rach xxxxxxxxxxxx
hope these pics give you some idea why . Steve .

Friday, 26 November 2010


Next road trip please .....

Went up to Lincoln for the Fantastic Shorttrack presentation evening (nice one Boastie ) but as you know can't really make it that simple , so i decided to pick up a couple of XS650's and a shed load of spares on the way ! Stourbridge wherever that is ..... So hopped in the van at the crack of -well 9am really and gunned it over to the old boy selling them , he opened up his garage and sitting there was his pride and joy XS650 chop , Marilyn themed and bright yellow and chrome looked late seventies early eighties maybe ans still in top condition . Will stay that way too as the old boy was bent double with two steel plates in his back - and still smiling ! nice guy showed us his juke box and got his son to lift in some stuff i couldnt lift alone .

Then onto Lincoln , parked by the Cathederal and walked down the cobbled streets of the old town (which was nice ) until it was time to hit the party .

The shorttrack party was fab , plenty of food and drink consumed and lotsa prizes given out to the many skilled top riders there (you know who u are !)

Big thanks to Pete n Jackie again for my favorite racing series and all the guys involved in making Flattrack happen in the Uk - who thunk it eh ?

After that jumped back in the van an drove home ! arriving at 3.30 am Rach ZZZZZZZZZ all the way , van flat oot , me comatose - slept in till 1pm sunday .

Just wanna say to all the guys i race with - Its a pleasure boys , Cu y'all next year .

Ain't got any pics of the event but here's that XS chop and Jasons BSA in the workshop !

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Yup , Mirco's Bobber has been finished for a while and he was chomping at the bit to get hold of it , so send it with some courier and have it delivered in any old state - OR drive down to Italy and deliver it pristine and talk him through the bike together , putting a face to a name and making some new friends on the way ? No contest , we're all about the ride not the destination here at REDMAX !
Also we had Oliver in the south of France (Marseille) wanting one of our new Twinshock GNC frames too , so put it all together and we have a 2400 MILE European trip in my Racing Red Vivaro Van !
So the route goes - avoid France all the way there (as they have been having fuel blockades all week !) and go Winchester- Dover - Tunnel - France - Belgium - Luxembourg - Switzerland - south of France - Italy . Deliver bobber , eat Italian get back on the road - round the Fabuolous coast past Monaco - Genova etc to Marseille . Deliver GNC Frame and parts then crack back across France hoping i won't need the 50 liters of Diesel i hid in the back of the Van !
The trip went well averaging 80/90 MPH on the autoroutes and not having any tolls all the way to Switzerland - who then charged me 40 euros just for entering the country ! Hotels are'nt cheap there either but i paid and hit the hay , up and out bright and early on thru france and some Tolls to Italy . Then Major Traffic problems on the A4 past Milano , there had been 5days of storm rain and the autoroute was closed , so i'm in a traffic queue coming off the road and thinking it's a crash - i hit "shortest route " on the sat nav , and we're off across country , but pretty soon i realise the flood damage and am diverted thru a very old town centre with 2 inches of clay on the roads and on grip - then i realise i'm following the traffic into some tight old streets and then i relise i'm gonna be stuck ! a right angle turn downhill into some ancient town buildings that the clio in front just makes ! Damn it , cars behind and wheelspin in reverse makes it a bit tense but i think we can slide the van sideways into the gap on the wet clay , and that's what we do ! Phew , close .
And so on till Padova , where i meet Mirco and show him the T140 Black Bobber , which he loves - Bellisimo he keeps saying - and i tell you after that trip , it's just what you need to hear !
He's a great guy with a nice collection of bikes too ! Then his Brother and girlfriend turn up - more exitement (and Bellisimo's !) nice folk ! and we whizz off for a meal at a local eatery traditional Italian food , which i like , then back in the van and head for a Hotel in Firenze(Florence) cos the A4's blocked still . Although i end up sleeping in the van as there's no parking anywhere in Florence that i can find (and i'm not leaving the van and contents alone ) then the satnav won't work in the tall ancient streets so i follow my nose outta town and hit the autoroute for 2 hrs and sleep in a garage forecourt , mmmm the sweet smell of Diesel !
Next morning up at the crack of a sparrows fart and down the wonderful coast thru all the tunnels to Marseille, where- due to a cock up in communication somewhere i don't meet Oliver at his garage and sit around for two hours trying to contact him on his mates number . Doh . Anyway the Police (la pig al police ) move me on twice and tell me there is no parking anywhere ! So reluctantly i get on the autoroute again flat oot and at 99 miles - the phone rings ! - and it's Oliver - wondering where i am ! brief explanations out of the way and i pull into a truck stop and he agrees to come and meet me , giving me a 2hr rest stop (good job i had Sideburn to read !).
Anyway Oliver turns up and is also a great guy - on my wavelength , and i regret not seeing his workshop immediately , but ce la vie - here we are . He loves the frame and is building a show bike (Steettracker) for a big show next year (hope he keeps me up to date with the pics).
From then on it's one big autoroute to the coast , hoping the fuel holds out ! Stopped in Riems for a lunch stop in a layby that was like a landscaped country garden and hopped on the tunnel train for the run back home . Sweet (tues day to Friday night all in ).
To tired to do the Flatrack practice on Saturday , but great trip meeting nice people makes it worth the cost ! Got some nice pics outta the van window too !
Lows -
Jams , Clay , floods , waiting , seeing 147 miles to next exit on satnav etc .
Highs -
smiling faces , Bellisimo , new friends , great views , sense of achievement , not breaking down !
Video here of Mirco taking his first ride on the Bobber !

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Get over to Europe and pan the crap outta yer bike one last time !

Jan puts a lotta effort into the Euro series , if you're out there get to the track and watch it .

Or - haul ya bike to the track and kick ass !

Info on Dutch bros web site and this here poster !

Monday, 18 October 2010



Nice , but not as nice as Sideburns cos Dave (from skootafarm racing ) built them a great stand with walls and bike boxes etc , then Dave DJ'd both days with some great 60's sounds from his extensive single collection ! shoulda won best stand with Jasons Triumph and the Sideburn FT on display too .

Our stand was enhanced when Dave popped over and hung our banner overhead - is there no end to this guy's skill , he's got an eye for style - that's for sure .Nice to catch up with Gary and Ben too , bet they sold some stuff !

Anyway , we met loadsa nice guys out there and sold a few bits and generally got the Flattrackin' message out the up North .
Job done .
Thanks to my dad who came for the weekend to help out , and had a good time too .
No pics from show as was too busy by far , but here's some of Rach's Harley Cafe racer tank/seat to be brightening up this blog .(more pic on my Flickr pages ) And a pic of my E-type at Goodwood after a 200 mile run out to see how she handles on the limit !
Then a pic of Mirco's Triumph bobber we have just built and finished - gotta deliver it to Italy next week , that'll be some trip in the old van !

Friday, 8 October 2010


Title says it all . wait,wait,wait. Running outta summer and patience.


Ok , i see a lotta bikes (which is good ) but i see alotta crap ones too .

Anyway this week i saw a lotta bikes - you decide which type .

My Mate Ramps is a fabricator and sidecar pilot (read nuts) he likes a few things , but one thing he's kept a long time is his Z1000 injection thingy see here at top and it's a bit special , so his mate got one too , now they are rare and here's two .

Next up a Rickman Mettise framed Sportster , s'posed to be a flattracker but does'nt quite get away with it ? Still a nice bike - and a lot lighter than a harley is normally (seen at steve piper motorcycles).

Next up is that nice IronHead Bobber outside the Hungry Skulls do in London , nice old alloy scrambles tank and lots of nice detail stuff on there too !
Top pic is Rach's old Bonnie Cafe Racer , sold to her brother to make way for her new Cafe Racer , pics soon .
He want's to restore it ! Anybody want any Cafe stuff for a T140 ?


Well given half the chance i bugger off up to London for the evening , and what better excuse than a personal invite from Londons funkiest painter , Dave Death-Spray ? His Hungry Sculls do was a mix up of Moody photos by Rieno of "The Great Frog " fame (of a 4am bike ride thru London streets ) and a bike meet and some Great From Jewelry on display !
I don't wear Jewlery but 10-15 years ago bought a Skull ring from the great frog (a death skull in a WW2 pilots helmet) and wore it to all the Dress doo's i went to , until one day - it dissapeared . Luckily they still make it ....Oh Reino ....
Drinkies from two massive ice buckets - and all the faces were there . Nice bikes out side included Dia Jobou's SR500 tracker , several Harley bobbers , Daves 900ss and his Boner bike in new blue/grey bones - nice ! Rach found a coffin to sleep in downstairs (see pic) and i bumped into a loada nice guys (u know who u are !)
Usual shit traffic in the center in town and had to take my V8 Jag - so £50 of fuel gulped and NCP's FUKCING RIDICULOUS £25 parking fee. Some guy paid that for his 2 hrs so i s'pose my just under 4 hrs was lucky as god know what it might have been over 4 hrs ?
Went down Carnaby street just to remind myself why i don't go there anymore , soulless place it is now , but i used to go early 80's and it was THE place to abuse Mods and kick over scooters .
Then off to eat as is the norm , found a chinese in chinatown (go figure !) pretty crap meal , UNTIL we got to the sizzling beef-steak in honey and pepper sauce - now that was GOOD !
Off home , Rach asleep instantly - so i chase V8 Audis down the A316 and hit 150 on the M3 (again) and once more do the Bridge jump on the A33 just before home , waking Rach just in time 4 bed .

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Right , bone fixed with some kind of ball of calcium growth , arm works with restricted movement but don't hurt - so lets go to Le-mans for a two day track day and see if it don't fall apart !

Took the old Silver Duke down in the van , have'nt done a track day since last year and the braking forces are pretty high - especially when you can see 150-odd at the end of the straight !
But my arm coped easily , so i knew i could come home and go straight out for a Flattrack race on Sunday (providing i don't fall off etc etc ...)Pics here -
Need'nt have worried as it was Gary Sideburn that did all the falling orf , in a mega - go out every race and crash spree ...... win it or bin it eh Gaz ? Gotta admire that , and he took it all in good humour too .
A good meeting for the Skootafarm boyz in all , jon Lee showing us all the way (only Jacob beating him ) then Dave Arnold going well all day and getting a good points haul , Wilky holeshotting the Thunderbike B race (after i chose the outside line and lost !) and leading it start to finish with me coming second and Gary and Jason not far behind .
See the Video here-
I love Kings Lynne , it suits my big old bus and i always come away with some points !
Next -
Issue six of sideburn mag is out - buy one from me - or them (it's really fab this one !)
Also we have a Twin shock version of our race frame and a conversion kit for Triumph twin engines on the way (see pic)
Over n out , cos i'm knackered now .
Steve #59

Thursday, 12 August 2010


This is an e-mail with about 20 pics with it from my mate from Harley land , demon Drag Racer Ian Turboville .
Subject: 'Real' Bikers

Adventure Riders to the hilt back in the 1950s. Sunday rides were the thing for these guys. Introducing the riders here after filling up for gas somewhere near Fort Collins, CO, from left to right:
Jerry Francis, 1950 Harley 74Mike Sadusky, 1950 Harley 74Warren Weber, 1950 Harley 74Wendell Rea, 1942 Harley 45 CI. Notice the front knobby!The 1950 Harley 74 was king.Here's the 'usual group' again taking a morning break on a nice Sunday ride.One Sunday ride took 'em to the top of Mount Evans , elevation 14,264. This was back in the day before it was paved all the way to the top. It was, however, paved here if it hadn't been for the snow, and remember the FOOT CLUTCH!!! Yikes!Yet another 1952 Sunday ride ventured up Arapahoe Pass - it's near Eldora , Colorado .They headed out from Wheat Ridge which is a stone's throw from Golden, CO. They headed to Boulder , CO and followed the nice, twisty and scenic Boulder Canyon to Nederland . From there they headed through the town of Eldora and up Arapahoe pass.Now some things never change. There's always that one person in the group that either insists that they absolutely positively know where to go, or that its "not that bad". In this case, the group ended up venturing down this:Turned out that this the wrong way. The Harley guys actually let the English bike riders be guinea pigs on this part of the ride. Must've been one of those hot-headed British riding know-it-alls that suggested it in the first place...After some back tracking and de-mudding operations, they finally found the right trail and made it to the top at 11905 feet elevation. Nice day!I also think these guys could've invented the "No Fear" logo. I have fear when it associates a 750 lb hard tail with a stream crossing on a trail. These guys really deserve some respect for being able to pull this off. Or they deserve to be taken away in straight jackets, I'm not really sure.Not that they didn't dab once or twice. OK, maybe they dabbed about 100 times, but they still made it across. Now it's time to take a break and dry out.A portrait of Warren Weber 1951, just before the start of a nice ride. Notice the cool stylish apparel. Helmet? I don't need no stinking helmet! Of course, this was pre-head injury days....These guys also had a lot of fun just playin around. Imagine getting a couple feet (OR MORE!) of air on a 750 HARD-TAIL Harley! This makes the GS-jumpers look like whimps, with your fancy rear suspension and all.But the most insane member of the group in the area of piloting a Harley 74(7) through the air was a fellow named Kenny Erie. If Kenny was alive today and about 50 years younger, Im sure hed be one of the top names in freestyle!These guys weren't shy of riding on a bit of snow, either. Here's Mike Sadusky on his 50 Harley. Mike had long legs and used to drape his legs over the handle bars to stretch on those long road trips. Who needs hiway pegs?Youd think these guys would know when to stop. Apparently notGood thing Mike has those long legs...These were taken up by Mt Thorodin. Wanna park, but you're too lazy to put the side stand down? Just cram it in a snow bank and leave it. Mike and Kenny are in the process of parking.These guys were never short of play time. Once again, Mike's extra long legs save the day. Well, almost.And again...Youre not a real rider unless you can power slide .
You should see the other pics !
Ah the 50's - it was all black n white then .

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hotrod Hayride 2010 #5




Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Well that means i can ride a bike again - not fast , not hard - just ride !
Took one of our Connies outta the garage , got her mot'd and went for a 3hr trundle on sat .
Went nowhere in particular out to the New Forest and round a few back roads , and i loved it !
What i did'nt like is being burnt off by Rach on the Trumpet the Strumpet .
Now this Connie (Royal Enfield Constellation 700 cc twin 1963 Bathtub S/C version )ain't all that cos normally my Connie would kick a Bonnies Ass big time , but those letters S/C mean sidecar anchor and she came with soft cams and a single concentric carb - which means slower than your average bear boo-boo ! Actually it means 75-80 which is ok in our stupid overcrowded road system , but not so hot out on a long straight with yer chick slowin down then speedin up before you can catch her , and laughin atcha at the same time . Time for some dangerous overtakin methinks - that'll leave her lonesome . Nah - she's to quick for me , so i took her into the Harley shop on the way back for a test ride ! NOW THAT'LL SLOW HER DOWN .

Anyway job done - she loved the Iron Sporty she tried out and wants one - only we have to build it like a cafe-racer Vincent style a'la Hogbitz (see pic) - she know's what she want's that gurl .

Ok - so normally i'm the ugly one when we're out but since i got my new Bell Stunt lid i've been feeling roight purdy , so i tried it out on the Connie and it's great , but ruins my Quiff -which is wierd cos ask any body i know - i can race all day and still have some Quiff left ! So to sum up best looking lid i've ever had but can't take it orf cos i'll have a centre parting !

Evel stripe , pearl cream glitterflake finish and a ton of pin striping with a nice interior - yep it's one nice lid , worth the wait , as i ordered it in Daytona in March as they ain't coming over here ever cos they ain't safe for english melons (?).

Oh yea my arm works now but all my muscles have dissapeared due to wastage so i goes to the Doc - When do i start my physio then Doc ?
You don't get any says he - WTF ! Did'nt get any Kin plating on my broken bone , paid for my own Laser treatment ! Now no Kin physio . WTF am i paying national insurance for ?
So i punched the cunt , but he did'nt feel anything - cos i'm so fuckin weak ! Ho ho ;-)
Nice to end on a rant combined with a (poor) joke eh .
Oh yea after i've had 7 weeks with no earnings the Doc would'nt sign my insurance form unless i paid £25 ! took 3 minutes to do ......... if only i could swing a bit harder .
(more ranting followed this but i could'nt be arsed to type it .)
Just to cheer me up , cos i won't be at Buxton for the next race (we are displaying Flattrackers at the Hayride!) i've put in a pic of Dave Murdo's new Redmax Advert which we all love !
Thanks Dave .
In fact thanks Louise , Diane and most of all Joe for Helping at the Races and being cool people to hang with .
Lastly , that's my dad with the Connie , he had one new in 1959 - so i got one in 1983 (which i still have !) cos he rated it so much , and i loved it . He had to sell it to get a car (105e Anglebox estate) when i was born , so when he wanted to ride again in 07 i bought him this to ride - since then he's nicked my Thruxton full time - so i've got this one back , and it's the only bike i have without clip on bars , so out it's come . For a relaxing ride or two . niiiice .

Monday, 5 July 2010


Obviously i've been outta action cos o my broken collar bone , but i'm still doin' what i can !
Got Dave Death spray's Triumph nearer to completion . see here

And dug out the Ducati monster i got for sideburn girl that is the wrong colour ( gurls ! don't she know they're s'posed to be red ?) - she want's Pearl White ! We borrowed one from my shop a while back and she was so quick on it and inspired cos of the confidence it gives you , she decided then n there she wanted one ! so when this one came up (from Ducati in OZ ) i snaffled it up for her . But now i gotta sell it as it's in my way . Brand new -unregistered . want it ? see here for loadsa pics !

Been developing new tanks with our Uk manufacturer , and as anyone will know what we need is bigger tanks that still look cool ! and here it is - a larger version of the Trackmaster tank that is out top seller and nicest looking tank too ! More pics here

Out and about we took a couple of bikes to Cassington bike night to get the Flattrack word out there , and set up with anthony and Geoff from Co-Built , musta given out a coupla hundred cards so that's good ! more pics here
And on Anthony's great DBA blog here

Well that's all i can do with my arm killing me - as it does if i try to type with both hands (well fingers ! )

Hope to catch up with you all soon !

Won't be at Stoke at Rach has booked us for a weekend at Americana so i can't get involved at the races , which is fair enough - but i'm missing it already , so here's a link to the flattrack racing here in the UK in case you did'nt know !
The racing pic at the bottom was taken by my good friend Randall at Amman Valley and the pitifull sight in the corner is my collarbone cracking ! Doh .

Ride safe dudes !