Tuesday, 30 June 2009


WOOO HOOOO , finally signed the lease for the new shop in Andover Hampshire , just off of the A303/A34/M3 and it's looking good . Nice big workshop , sales/display area , a store big enough for my 51 Mercury and a big yard for Parties n Barbies . Cool , get the key 10th July and start moving it all in - Party due mid August i reckon ! Here's a few pics , but it won't feel right till it's full of Flat Track stuff , and loadsa Bikes . This is the REDMAXSPEEDSHOP .(to see what we're stocking go here http://www.flickr.com/photos/redmaxspeedshop/sets/72157617350628117/ )

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Pics Sideburn girl took on our 2000mile trip to the Mefo European Shorttrack races in the Czech Republic on Sat and Austria on Sunday ! Pics of the World Longtrack Championship finals too (as we were tacked on the end of that really) .Many thanks to Jan and the boys(Dutch Brothers) for a great time and to all the Brits who were out in force . We put on a good show and boosted the attendance significantly , Mr Hall kicked ass big time and was a pleasure to watch ! Sadly Marco had a big crash in Austria and we wish him a speedy recovery . Here are some of the more lighthearted pics we took , follow the links for the rest of the racing and try my U-tube for some videos later on (once i've trawled thru them). And next year everyone should come along and we'll have a big party cos it's about £3 for the best steak you'll ever eat ,and racing on the most awesome tracks this side of the USA ! -DO IT . http://www.flickr.com/photos/redmaxspeedshop/sets/72157620385970204/

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


..... And the word is - Shorttrack (UK) ! Been doing my best to promote our sport from my end and here is the result of one line of enquiry . We run the bikes at the Hot Rod Hayride every year and got noticed by a few people in the car world , who wanted to know more . Keith Harman is a journo and all round nice guy who spent the best part of a day down at REDMAX HQ in Hampshire just shooting the breeze in the sun talkin bikes with me - and this is the result .A two page write up in Classic American Mag (out today) with some great pics by Keith and Sideburn girl . This is a big selling magazine on the shelves at Smiths etc so i think that's good coverage for the series with motorhead kinda guys . Lets hope they come and take a look !
We (Me , Anthony Brown (D.B.A blog )and Sideburn girl) are off to the Czech republic now for a race on Sat then Austria on Sun for another ! It's the European Mefo Flattrack cup and for some reason we had to go .... Oh yea it's the MILE race and you can't get to do those outside the States normally , so we're off . Be back with some photos (much) later . Steve .

Monday, 8 June 2009


Redmax Thunder bikes gets better all the time !- i know i'm biased but there it is , anyway we see more n more different and unusual bikes every meeting and Anman Valley was no different. The racing was tooth and nail once the track drained a bit of water , the grip came back to us and the smiles came back to our (dirty) faces! Anyway there's a few teams you may have heard of out there , Skooterfarm and CCM being the most high profile i guess , but lurking beneath the waves are other 'teams' waiting to bite yer leg orf ! One such bunch of guys is the Station 165 team - and a nicer bunch of guys you could'nt hope to meet . Thunderbike runners ,one on a XS650 first time out (for the bike that is ) and the other on his home-framed Rotax racer (and a work of art it is too!). Anyway , wot's it mean then ? i asked and it turns out that one of the guys used to work out of a unit sited on a old fighter base called Station 165 where the Yanks flew something similar to Mosquitos out of - before they all went home . Hence the cool name . Some pics of the guys here or click this link to see all the half-mile pics .http://www.flickr.com/photos/redmaxspeedshop/sets/72157619366049473/ The Red bike there is a Skooterfarm bike , Jasons showpiece Woods Rotax with a nosebleed ! His crankcases cracked across the front and spewed oil , ending his day ,The last one is me getting 'reminded' not to do donuts on the outside track whilst waiting for the restart !(Sideburn girl on camera as always , so excuse the cheesy ones of me winkin' at her !)

DAVE-JA-VU (1974)

So - i'm at this autojumble right and i've just stole an origional Wes Cooley early Arias helmet off of this guy for £25 and i'm thinkin' there's gotta be a Trackmaster frame here somewhere...... and then i see this old guy with a cool book stall and i says "gortany books on Flattrackin guv ?" an he says no . End of , you would think - but then i spot a massive collection of old MCN's so i lift one out from the middle of the pile from 74 and corblimeyguv wot ave we ere? Only about the only interesting MCN ever - Big flattrack report on front page and a big centre page pullout ! So i paid the man a quid and legged it .Then next week i'm up at Daves and pulled it outta the bag and he says "i don't believe it ", in a kind of Victor Meldrew way and pulls out his childhood scrap book with one of the pics from MCN cut out n pasted in (from his dads paper) when he was a kid ! , the very pic that inspired him for all these years . Dave - ja - vu . Told you . So i've scanned the rag (badly it has to said) in order to share the wonder that is MCN with you guys , Enjoy .