Monday, 28 February 2011


Well , should'nt have worried - the whole day went like clockwork and i was rushed orf me feet all day !
We had the benifit of some great weather until mid afternoon , when the heavens opened encouraging us to slowly pack it all away .
Big thanks to all involved inc -
Oxford HD (Gavin etc) , Co-built (Ant , geoff and Kissinia) , Sideburn and Skooterfarm (Gary , Dave n Wilky) , Shorttrack UK (Boastie n boys) , Station 165 ( a whole herd of em !) and the Guys running the Evel Knievel Experience .
And where else outside of a GNC race in the states , could you see five XR750's together ?
Of course we could'nt of even been there without Mark and Linda Wilsmore who have bought the cafe back to life since 1994 (the first open day , still owned by Just tyres) .
As an aside i remember Mark and his pal Del (ugly bloke) telling us about his ideas for the ace one night on Chelsea Bridge after a Rock n roll do at a pub somewhere , we sat on the bridge chatting about it , having a cup of slosh and wondering if it could happen (musta been 1991-ish) . Well Mark you showed us it could and not only that - but you've made it viable too (as a buisness) and still going 17 years after we turned up for the Ace day in 1994 (with our Pyschomania helmets on , brit bikes leakin oil after the burn up there ) Well done mate , hope ur livin' the dream .
Escpecially nice was the way Mark ran around on the day genuinely excited about the flattrrack scene and what was going on , it think we did him proud !
As a side note , some of the guys from up Norf were suprised at the buzz on the day , having not been before - and well , that's what it's all about .
Dave skooterfarm spinnin the wax from his Dannsette added in no small way to the vibe .
Lastly thanks to anybody who rode in dry and rode home wet (but happy) .
Cheers Steve .
More than 50 pics of the day here !


Another great mag from the Sideburn boys !
I'm sure they won't mind my poor scans of the mag here .
I'm particularly like the (dutch) cartoon flattrack strip although i can't understand a word ! but that action and 70's syle is just the sorta thing i,d a been glued to as a kid (along with captain scarlet and anything with bi-planes shooting each other outta the skys !)And i'm a sucker for Nortons too !
Other good stuff -
Krook street husky , Rorer Falsco's period photos , Sonic Seb's XS (always a pleasure Seb!) ,And what a crazy lookin' machine man - The Outlaw Triumph !!!! i love it . And we're only a few pages in there , so i won't spoil it for you - come and buy one . £5 Cheap .
Also worth a mention here is the Ad for Shorttrack UK (and ours of course) showing solidarity for the Flattrack cause , so come and watch some racing this year - we're all over the UK inc a few southern meets for a change (Oxford , Silverstone , Rye House).
More info right here -

Friday, 4 February 2011


THIS SUNDAY - FEB 27TH , 2011 .

That is cool dudes on Streetrackers and the crazy fools that race Flattrack !

We welcome anyone with a bike to show off or an interest in Flattrackers / streetrackers or Off-road racing in general to come over to the Ace Cafe on Sunday 27th Feb . 11am to 4pm ish .
We will have Racers and Streetbikes on display .
Redmax Speedshop stall for all the parts to make your bike into a Flattracker or replica (tanks/seats etc)
Shorttrack UK will be there with race bikes ans everything you need to go racing (there is a big race series in the UK)
Several Flattrack teams will be there showing off their race bikes and chatting to the public .
We have the Co-built guys (who make a Rotax race frame and accesories too)
We have Station 156 race team attending,
And the boys of the Skootafarm race team strutting their stuff !
Pete boast (well known racer from all disciplines) will have his Factory supported Suzuki there too .
Then there is the Ace itself for some great hot food and music to make the day go smoothly and inject some old school cool into the proceedings !
What better venue for any Rev-head ?

Bring those flattrackers and Streetrackers out !
Ride your bike up (any bike we won't judge !), bring one in a van - or just tip up in your car and join in !

We'd love to see you all and make this a great day - hopefully to become a regular yearly event .

Use these links to see what you can expect -

and for a taste of the worldwide scene read the best Flattrack mag ever -
& thanks to Drogo for ace poster !


Nortons first ! cos that's how it is at my house . First up is Project silver fox Norton (named cos it's gonna be deep metal flake silver in the end ) and is a chop that's gonna be bobbered and bought slap bang up to date (1956 !). After that is a top secret race bike project (censored info).
It's a Norton 920 is all i can say .
See em all here , sooner or later !

Next up is Tony moto's XS650 we are doing with Starracer tank , XR seat , Norton bars and Heiden pipes . Nifty .

Followed by our Norvil CB750 project , dig that pipe boys !

Then a bobber project Trumpet 500 which desperately needs a makeover with some cool injected to get the look right !

Dunno what to say about the Z400 Kwack , good donor bike , don' know where we're going with that one (and it's at the back of the list too !)

Lastly we got a Triumph T100R - Daytona with a T100C motor - Streetracker me thinks - high pipes , high bars , knobblies and mouth organ tank badges , bit S.mcQ ?

You'd think that'd be enough , but there's more !
Can't be assed to Blog any more today tho , so keep an eye on this space for the next lot !
Steve . out .



2011 UK Fixtures as follows -
The UK shorrtrack series is second only to the USA , and probably better organised !
(thanks Boastie and boys/girls !)


2011 Grand National UK Flattrack Championship

OPEN GRAND NATIONAL CLASS (no Novice riders allowed)National Number Riders,R Plate Riders,and Guest riders. Race programme - progressive system ( same as 2010 )
125cc to 500cc two stroke, 250cc to unlimted four stroke. (as Tec Rules)
Support Classes - Thunderbikes, Juniors (11 to 15) and Mini bikes(only two support classes at each round)
Championship Dates - Some dates and venues still to be confirmed.

Rd 1 Oxford Speedway Stadium,.........Friday Evening May 6th...Shorttrack Confirmed Rd 2 Moto GP, Silverstone (newtrack)....SaturdayJune11th.....Confirmed(shorttrack) Rd 3 Amman Valley Trotting Track,South Wales (2 Days - Club on Sat) (1/2mile)...Sunday June26th...Confirmed.Rd 4 Leicester Stadium (New Stadium).........(shorttrack)Sunday17th July.....TBC Rd 5 Norfolk Arena, Kings Lynn...................(TT) Saturday Evening July 30th..confirmed Rd 6 Rye House Speedway,Hoddesdon,Herts........Saturday Evening September 17th (shorttrack )...Confirmed

more details when we confirm all dates


National Pro Class ( National Number Riders Only)
Restricted Class (only R Plate Riders)
Novice Class for riders who have ridden less than 6 meetings or a rider who has never made a thunderbike final. If he or she wishs to be upgraded before the 6 meetings is completed, they may apply for permission from STUK.
Thunderbikes as tec rules
Mini Bikes as tec rules
Junior Shorttrack Class 7-10 yrs old, 65 two stroke/150 air cooled four stroke.
Inter Shorttrack Class 11- 15 yrs old, 85 two stroke/230 four stroke.Youth Shorttrack Class 15 - 17 yrs old,125 two stroke/250 four stroke.
Fees - £25 Club MembershipMeeting entry fees - Shorttrack £45 per class,£15 extra classMini Bike £40, Junior classes £35

Club Championship Dates

Rd 1 Sunday March 27th,Scunthorpe Speedway Stadium,Lincs
Rd 2 Sunday April 17th,Rye House Stadium,Hoddesdon,Herts
Rd 3 Sunday May 29th,tbc
Rd 4 Saturday June 25th,Amman Valley Trotting Track,South Wales
Rd 5 Sunday Sept 4th,High Edge Racway,Buxton,Derbyshire
Rd 6 Sunday Oct 9th,Scunthorpe Speedway Stadium,Lincs

Mefo Sport Flattrack Cup 2011! EUROPE !!

Get over to Europe for a race or two and support Jan and the boys on some wonderfull tracks and drive thru some great countries on the way !

14 May, Neustadt(D) short track, TBC5 June, Homberg(D) short track16 July, Pelhrimov(CZ) Tourist trophy17 July, Marianske Lazne(CZ) half mile23 July, Teterow(D) short track6 August, Rohrbachgraben(CH) tourist trophy7 August, Rohrbachgraben(CH) short track28 August, Hof-Westerwald(D) half mile17 September, Pfarrkirchen(D) half mile18 September, Heidenreichstein(D) short track

THE FMI Italian Flat Track Championship 2011

I know some of our bots are doing some rounds - join em or get a cheap flight over a watch/support a great series !

10 april ...................FMI Terenzano ST25t april.......................FMI Giavera d. M. ST7th may................ORS Treviso HM8th may.................ORS Treviso HM21 may................. FIM Lonigo ST28th may.................FMI Torino HM29th May ................ORS Torino HM 1st June.............................FMI Giavery dM. ST2nd June..................FMI Lonigo ST9th /10thJuly..................Reggio Emilia TBC23rd July....................FIM Lonigo ST25th sept.........................FMI Terenzano ST9th oct...............................FMI Giavery dM. ST16th Oct.......................FMI Lonigo ST

Strapping boots on now .......must ......race......soon .
See you all out there !