Friday, 26 April 2013

BSH on REDMAX ....W650 Black Cat Bobber feature .

Great write up in BSH (June issue 350) this month by Stu Garland . He's a nice guy and did all the pics and the write up too ! We did the photo shoot out in the road near the unit , with Stu laying in the road getting beeped at by drivers for his efforts ! Strangely the sun came out for 40 mins and gave us some nice light to play with (which was nice) and quite rightly in his write up Stu mentions Glenn's efforts on this bike as he was the main man on this build - good job mate .
There's more pics here -
inc full info and build pics .

Monday, 22 April 2013

DTRA - the UK's new Flattrack club ! First meeting @ Kings Lynn .

New UK Flattrack club the DTRA is up and running after the first meeting this weekend at Kings Lynn - the UK's best track in my humble opinion !
Aparently there was some very close racing and a good crowd in attendance ..
Aiden Collins winning the first one , with Mr Neave n Greig not far behind !
You can get the full SP at the DTRA website / blog here -
You need to see Shorttrack racing first hand if you can - so get to a meeting this year !
On the other hand load up yer gear - and go racing - it's cheap and easy to do ...
Again check out the website and contact the guys - you won't regret it .

Friday, 5 April 2013


Some new pics of the build too , sent in from new owner Paul in Germany (who was kind enough to put pen to paper for the Bike Shed write up !) - lookin' sweet .RedMax 900ss FARSide 800