Sunday, 27 September 2009


Roll up , Roll up , Chris Carr over here again after breaking a land speed record ... again ! Yep , Your only chance to see the man over here , and then race against him (if you're stupid enough !)
Firstly Sideburn Night Oct 8th (nothing to do with fireworks!) Then the CCM Track Day the day after - with CC telling it how it is, Then Race the Man at Rye House on Oct 11 th with all us dancing fools - or come and watch it , there's no excuse cos it's just north of london - and everyone can get there ! Please come everybody cos alot of people work hard to make this happen , and we need all the support we can get , more than that tho , you'll have a great time .Period.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


As usuall , the racing was spectacular at Peterborough . The Scooterfarm team had a good day doing formation laps together (apart from John Lee, who rather selfishly decided to remain at the front of each race , rather than battle with us at the back ! Ruined a few photos that.) I had some good starts and a big crash and Dave had a fabulous second place which got us all out of our seats ! Well done Anthony Brown on his Nifty Co-built Rotax for winning a heat (we have a great pic of that!) and well done Steve Coles for a fantastic cartwheel over the fence to avoid the bikes behind (we have that pic too , although you have to search for it !). Real congratulations goes to Marco Belli for winning his first race back , after what was a nasty crash when we were over in Austria . He's Back .We got a good pic of that too cos Sideburn girl got a Fab new camera for her birthday and she can zoom in to your retinas as you ride past ! She even got Rusty in a 'diet coke break' moment washing his bike topless ! (one for the girls there !)
So Great meeting - apart from the guy who watered the track twice making a hot summers race day into a wet November day for an hour or so ! Still they did sort it out in the end , but i ask you - who's gonna clean my bike ?
Pics here , and they're a good selection of everyone so have a looksee ! (video to follow)


Thursday , Friday Happy Days , The weekend comes-my cycle hums , ready to race to you !
Sing along you know the words . OK So , Gary says - fancy coming to this Do in Brick lane (London 'tarn') on Thurs nite , we'll take our cafe racers n look well cool , then there's the Goodwood revival on Friday if you can get a ticket , Then we're Racin' at Peterborough on Saturday - sounds like a plan . Yep , says i , We can fit it all in - wot could possibly go wrong ?
So i'm runnin around Thurs morn trying to load the van for racin , then checking over The Reverend (My Norton) for the thrash up toLondon and , as expected the lights are on the fritz . Two hours later and broken earth in loom replaced , i jumped on the old bike and made the rather crap (road works all the way up the M3) 80 mile trip up the Smoke no problems , to this Re-enactment Retro Photo display amongst all Londons finest Dandy Rockers (and Ben too- the other half of Sideburn). Nice one , then into Brick lane for a Curry and jump on the old steed , with Gary on his Guzzi Cafe Racer and head back Thru the centre of town back to my gaff , only the ole gall did'nt like all that filtering and went down on one cyl ! Easy solved - drop it down a gear and clear her out - that woke a few cockneys up !The ride was ace , We cracked off at dawn to Goodwood on the bikes again - along the A272 which is one of the best scratchin roads i know , to the Revival - which is totally mind blowing - for Bikes , cars , planes , women - what else could u wanna see thru your sepia coloured glasses ? The car park before you even show your ticket was better than any classic car show i've ever been to ! You gotta go ! See all the pics here