Friday, 20 December 2013

REDMAX halco ascot TT flattracker kit (based on xs 650)

We have just bought the Frame Jigs and tank moulds for the Halco Ascott tt !
We have 3 frames made and a tank .....
The idea was that Yamaha wanted a frame that was lighter and handled better so commisioned this to be built , but bailed out later on ..... The frame was from the team that designed the Commando chassis and is also isolastic rubber mounted to isolate the vibration ..... Later on famed XS650 tuner Tony Hall took the project on and succeeded in productionisng the whole kit and selling quite a few before he passed away in 04 .
We have been chasing the jigs for a while and have finally aquired them now with a view to re-starting production using the XS650 motor and various other engines as required .....
Interested ? contact Steve at