Friday, 30 December 2011


Adams SR500 Bobber has taken a new route ! In went a W650 motor and a total rework of the lower frame rails !


DRAG-STER HD 1200, a photo by REDMAXSPEEDSHOP.COM on Flickr.

Drag race style Sportster just finished in workshop .
Hardest pulling 1200 we've ridden , with suspension/brakes to match !
For sale at REDMAX .


DSCN0786, a photo by REDMAXSPEEDSHOP.COM on Flickr.

Underset pipe coming along nicely now .
REDMAX cafe seat unit and Conti style pipe .

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Yep it's here , Crimbo and let's all have a good un !

Best wishes to anyone who knows us in Motorcycle LALA land and beyond .

Not to mention having a great new year too . Can't be as crap as the last one , let's face it eh ?

All the best,

Steve , Glen Rach n Charlie Kneivel the cat .XXXXX

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Our mate Wayne from Gurnsey sent in these pics of his Fantastic TZ750 Flattracker project !

Still under construction as you can see , but we think it's gonna be a stunner !

Main ingredients are - REDMAX GNC twinshock frame (is there anything you can't put in this frame ?) - An ex-sidecar GP Yamaha TZ750 , 4 cyl two stroke racing engine , REDMAX Champion tank n seat units , REDMAX bars , Marzochhi forks and TZ hubs and brakes , 18" alloy rims and REDMAX supplied K180 Dunlops .

Right who's brave enough to ride it then ? - Don't look at me , i have'nt got any bones left to break !!

Can't wait to hear her fired up tho , maybe we can get Kenny over here to have a go ?

NIce one Wayne .


From the crew here @ REDMAX , Steve , Glen , n Rach too .

Friday, 9 December 2011

FINISHED BIKES ! well nearly all .....

This shoulda been a finished shot or two of SJ's XS840 Street Scrambler ....... but the paint is late - very late . so here's a taster snap or two !

This XS400 Street scrambler is just finished and for sale too ....

This is our long term W650 that's finally got a shot of paint , and we're well pleased with that !

Harley XR1000 finally in fine shape , only got to change the tank graphics back to 1000 from 1200 and we're where we wanna be with it .

Rare as hens teeth and For sale also !

You can see more pics of these bikes via our Flickr picture site here -

Just ring if you wanna see one or buy one !

Nice to get some bikes finished at the end of the year , and got some great projects in and started for next year already (watch this space )

In pipe line ..... Flattrack T120 , Ducati cafe racer , W650 Bobber , Tribsa street scrambler , Ducati 1250 drag bike , Yam 350 desert racer , Norton Bobber etc etc ....

Keep it here .

Steve .

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Back this mid-day from ROLLERBURN , which obviously was fab .
Great vibe from the start with a lot of like minded Flattrack Hep-cats turning up to display their rockin' bikes around the hall .
Rach said of the Stall/stands there - I've never been to a show where all the stands were interesting , i just don't know where to start ! (however she soon started spending and i'm not sure she stopped !)
Pics / Videos here on Flickr -
It was a cultural mish-mash of art/style/cool/motorsickle mania and music .
Not to mention the surf/skate /cycle culture happening thing going on ....
When am i going to mention the Motorsickle /Rollergirl drag racing and Guy Martin ?
Well , i just did - but first star of the show for me was off his head northern comic - Charlie Chuck - MONKEY !
Anyway when the ROLLERBALL gig started and the Two painted up Co-Builts shot past with Rollergirls sliding on their (sexy) asses past us - then appeared a vision of a third rider on another Co-Built bike towing another Gurl and it was Mr Chuck !
I tell you it was like the ghost of Simoncelli in a 70's dinner suit with a touch of Terets thrown in i even forgot Guy Martin was even there !.
However Rach soon reminded me by tracking him down and Having me take their pic for her !
I got some great Video of that all going on , will load it up when fully awake later .
The minute the Bike engines died out The Stags chimed in hard n fast - anyone who has'nt seen em should and their crazy mix of 60's beat band/garage sounds is worth the trip anywhere .
The first band was just a wall of noise for me - but a lot of people dug it (Hip priests) but i liked the second band from france a lot more (Les terribles) and they had the sound set up a lot better too .
It was great to see a load of my mates over from France too - Hope no-one came a cropper in the Pea soup fog we had all the way home .
You know a thing like this only happens occasionally and i'm glad i was there .
And any time you've been anywhere and wanna tell someone else about it - you know you went somewhere worthwhile and was part of something good .

Thanks to Glenn and Shaun for carting my stall 180 miles and setting it up for me whilst i schmoozed around at the NEC show with Rach that morning !
BIG thanks to the Sideburn team , co-built and Skootafarm boys for makin it happen .
OH and those ROLLERGIRLS for makin it oh so horny .
Not Guy Martin Rach .

This crap video explains how Rollerderby works , but i've got some great footage of the Rollerburn Drag races to load up tommorow !

Second video is of Rollerburn crash - Gurl on her ass ! filmed from bottom of strip - watch her slide , smell the fishnets burn ! mmmm.
Gonna upload a few more vids to my Flickr page tomorrow .

Thursday, 10 November 2011


OK , you guys - we are gonna be at ROLLERBURN , in fact it's unthinkable that we would'nt really !
So anyone want to pick up parts from us on the day - just gimmee a ring in advance and we'll pack em for you !
We are having a stand and bringing 3 bikes for the show (not Rach's Cafe racer tho as she's comitted to the NEC show ) .
Want to thank Glenn and his son Shaun for driving the whole plot up there and Gary Inman for making it possible for me as i did'nt think i could do it (injuries etc).
Also thanks to Scootafarm Dave as i know he's putting alot into this show with Gary.
Oooh nearly forgot Anna and the Co-built boys !
See u all there , Steve .

Sunday, 30 October 2011


We are now having a stand and some bikes on show at ROLLERBURN , Sat 19th Newark Showground ! Thanks to all for the help to make it happen . If u wanna collect parts there , just let me know in advance !

Rollerburn is a Sideburn Mag production that promises to be the best show in town for November !

This is their own words on the subject -

Sideburn magazine, the world’s most suave motorcycle magazine, is organising and promoting a one-off, cross-genre event to go down in history.
Rollerburn is a festival of two-wheeled death traps and roller derby vixens. On Saturday 19 November 2011, at Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire, we will host nine hours of family entertainment incorporating a full roller derby match, followed by the world’s first (and probably last) Indoor Rollerball drag race: three lightning fast racers riding three motorcycles towing three fearless roller girls. One winner.
One of the confirmed racers is Guy Martin, arguably Britain’s favourite bike racer, Isle of Man TT hero, star of TT 3D – Closer to the Edge and the BBC primetime series – The Boat That Guy Built. His attendance guarantees a sell-out crowd.

In addition we have:
•Invite-only custom show of the finest custom bikes
•A live set from the UK’s premier garage ‘craperet’ act, The Stags
•A further two top bands
•Slalom skateboard demo
•Rollergirl sprint races
•Indoor flat track demo
•Top DJS including Sir Johnny Alpha
•Loads of vendor stalls
•Bar and food dealers
•Our favourite artists on display
•Launch of Sideburn 9

See the full video here -

Buy your tickets and other Sideburn stuff here -

Remember there is a party the night before too !

Sunday, 23 October 2011

RIP MARCO - the only rider worth watching in GP's.

Very sad day for a boring , depleted Moto GP series anyway .
They need guys like him , yet they spent all year putting him down - for having fighting spirit !
Now it'll be grey and boring without him , Stoner and Honda =boring .
Viva Marco - you rocked , hope they are warming a bike up for you wherever you've gone .

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Yea , back and answering emails , messages , txts etc .

then i'll be sending out some parcels and checking the progress in the workshop with Glen !

Back in the workshop we're nearly done on the XS Streetscrambler we're doing , and we're changing the SR bobber project to a W650 motor next , plus sorting the XR1000 we have for sale (makeover to STD Flatrack spec look).

Other Projects looking good are the AJS 125 Streetracker seen here and our faithfull W650 , now resplendent in Green paint and looking hot !

See y'all sometime soon !

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Yea !!! Finally got a fit to fly letter from my Doc today (day before we fly!) so off to Rhodes for a week - which once the flight is over (in wheelchair !) should be some good rest for my broken bones !
Glenn my right hand man , will be holding the fort at the shop for me - and i'll reply to all messages left when i return .
Check out my FLICKR pics for latest from the workshop !

Coming up -
Rach's cafe racer on display at NEC bike show ,
Shorttrack uk , presentation night party .

Cu when i get back guys !
Steve .

Thursday, 6 October 2011


So if you fancy something a little nearer (than europe), how about Shorttrack racing at Scunthorpe this sunday ?

There'll be REDMAX THUNDERBIKES , shorttrack and restricted classes and novice and juniors too .

And as always close hard racing to keep you on the edge of your seat !

Not only that , but Boasties got a couple more indoor races planned over the winter at arena uk near Grantham (near A1).

See all the info at-

Also you can see televised meetings on MOTORS TV this year starting @ november see the web site for details on that too .

Lastly - CONGRATULATIONS go out to Aiden Collins on winning the SHORTTRACK GNC CHAMPIONSHIP and to ANTHONY BROWN for winning the REDMAX THUNDERBIKES !

Well done guys , and there are clubman championships to be sorted out at Scunthorpe this weekend , get up there n cheer em all on !


The Mefo Flattrack championship is always a good spectacle , hard riding , great tracks and a fantastic european adventure if you fancy a road trip !

We did the Czech round ( 1 mile track !) a while back with Anthony from Co-built and it was indeed an epic 1000 mile trip , never to be forgotten !

However some are much nearer and i know some English racers were only doing the Euro racing series for the buzz !

So if you get the chance to see one or even ride one - go for it !

Got an event report here from Jan - who runs the series , but don't seem to be able to load it at mo . I'll keep trying tho , but visit -

for the report and more info !

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Rach is in Carole Nash's Calender this year , with her Harley cafe racer .

It's all part of the Britains got biking talent competition ran by MCN and web based Inside biker for BRITAINS FAVORITE BIKES . Voting has be online via inside bikers facebook page and Rach has reached the top twelve - now her bike will be on display at the NEC show in november and you can get the calender FREE at the years biggest bike show while you're there !

Rachy is fab and deserves a bit of luck after breaking her back last december - and now she's gotta look after me , so this is something nice for her for a change after the year we've had !

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

RACE UPDATE - FROM HOSPITAL !!! Actually I'm trying to do this on my I phone and it ain't workin ! Result is broken fibula and arm broken in 4 places

Ok , i'm home now - bed downstairs in frontroom ! not feeling to much pain either - which considering the damage ain't bad !
Love Rye house but it don't love me , got the Norton dialled in and was looking forwards to a front row start in the third race - as the Reverend comes off the line like a train , i was expecting a holeshot to the front - which i duly got ! Bliss !

anyway i held everyone off till bout the third lap when i went slightly wide and someone went sliding thru much faster and on out to the barrier (paul Baleta) i remember thinking "thank god he missed me" then something rammed me at a million miles an hour and my bike was removed from under me into the air and deposited on my head ! Someone was way outta control and used me to stop him .
Now , i know when i'm hurt and when you can't move your arm when you tell it to - you got problems - as well as the broken leg and loss of vision i'd broken the top of my arm in 4 places near the shoulder socket - still can't lift it but at least i can feel it now !

The docs don't reckon i'll have any real strength in that arm for a year or so - and they want to put a plate in it which'll put me back even further !

I'm in good spirits here really - but i'm very fucked off to get hit from behind like that - i know who it was and hope he can live with knowing he's put me out of action for a year ,ruined our holliday (no refund there ) and of course i can't earn a living for god knows how long - all because you don't think and ride at the same time !

I thought it might be nice to take my dad along for his first flattrack meeting to watch me ride -and he got to see this , now he's worried that he jinxed my luck - can't see him coming again.

I love Shorttrack and now i can't do it - thanks .

great pics from Mr Baldock as usual .Ambulance pic from Ant Brown - gonna try n load my x-ray pics now .

Saturday, 17 September 2011


North of London , easy reach for everyone !
Always good racing , taking the Norton for your amusement and my dad as pit crew .
Final GNC round of the year inc REDMAX Thunderbikes , see who wins it (Anthony from Co-built is looking fave at the mo....)
Cu all there !

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Well - the weather turned out fine again and we set up stall near the band , which was nice until we tried to talk over the ruccus !
The stand looked good and drew folk in from miles away - Pauls Yellow Champion yam XS was like Honey to flies ! (thanks again mate !)
Was nice to catch up with many friend from home and overseas ......
We only let cool bikes park outside our stand , all the rice burners and resin rockets were sent on their way .
So we ended up with a couple of 70's Honda cafe racers , a Norvin , a BMW cafe racer , a SR500 streetracker , a Harley Streetracker , a commando cafe racer and a Wacky triumph bobber with 21" wheels front and rear !
Nice to put more names to faces , specially those guys from Europe i was'nt expecting to see (you know who you are !)
So bikes , birds , beer , sun and fun .
Job done (still gotta unload the van n trailer tho....)