Sunday, 26 June 2011


Ok , so Friday afternoon we drive 175 miles to Wales for the Amman Valley Shorttrack races .

We have one XR 750 and one Vertemati (for Drogo to race !) on board .But by Bristol it's pissing down - hard DAMN IT . Anyway keep going in the vain hope it'll stop , it does'nt ! just gets worse .... I've already said i'm not racing if its wet - as my collar bone is only just back together and the XR is a handfull in the wet , but i've got drogo's bike onboard so we keep going .

Once at Amman Dickie meets us at the gate (Ant's dad ) and we slide on down to the track - it's waterlogged and obvious to me we won't be racing Saturday anyway , but we give it an hour or so as we can't get hold of Drogo and i'm presuming he's riding anyway (even tho it's his first race , i'd have wanted too being keeno) but there's no sign of him to hand the bike over to and i can't leave it unless i can find out if he can get it back home without us , as i'm thinking of turning round and going home ! (rather than sit around and go home Saturday - as i'm not booked in for Sunday which may be dry ?)Also it saved Rach having to sleep in the van - with her bad back ! Bit gutted not to race but hate sitting around in the rain hoping / praying for the sun !

My mate Brian has a 50th party all day Saturday - Hot rod run / Rockabilly band in the Evening and i'd blown him out to go racing , which i felt bad about , but now we had a chance to attend and party - which we did ! Thanks Brian - great party mate .

So onto Sunday and it's gonna be sunny and we're gonna ride !

Cafe racers pulled out (see garage pic - can u choose a ride ? 5 cafe racers in there - 2 Tritons , 1 Norton , 1 Paul Smart and Rach's Salt Lake Spitfire ) Rach takes her Sporty Cafe and i choose a Triton (the 650 as the 750 needs higher gearing ) then we gotta decide where to go - Sammy Millers Museum has a Brit bike ride in , Ace cafe has Cafe racer day and Beaulieu has a ride in day ! hard to choose , but the nicest ride is across the New forest to Beaulieu - decision made !

Once on the road , temp is up in the 20's and we're thundering across some great forest roads and making a mental note to adjust the clip ons down further and raise the gearing , maybe on the front sprocket . Rach's 1200 easily out drags me , but i get her back in the corners and i know she's still a bit apprehensive after her broken back and finding her feet again , she rode great today !

Glad we chose Beaulieu , cos although the ride in event is average at best , we met up with a few good friends there and had free entrance to the museum (which has loads of Brits in there and a Ducati race bike display to rival the factory display !) and the top gear car display , which made us laugh ! and the James Bond hall so Rach could drool over Daniel Craig's body !

The race (ride) home was just as manic as we sliced several cars in half cos they were asleep and stopped for a Sunday roast at a good old British Pub to boot !

Home now Watchin' Simonchelli helping Lorenzo orfa the track at Assen .

So that's 350 miles trip to Wales , Hot Rod party , Cafe Racer raid on the Forest , Watch the Moto GP ......

What did u do this weekend ? On any Sunday eh ? How about this Sunday ..... Phew .

Saturday, 18 June 2011



June 24 / 25th.

Next weekend , always good strong racing here .

Fantastic viewing areas in a picturesque valley .

And two days of hard action coming up !

Be there ! I'm takin' the ole XR for a blast around on the Saturday , spectators are welcome and there's great camping areas for everyone !

Details on Shorttrack uk .com

See all the usual nutters and some really good riders too , club races sat / GNC pros Sunday .

Monday, 13 June 2011

Silverstone trip out !

Some pics loaded here from my Flickr account showing some of the atmosphere from the Silverstone Shorttrack weekend held with the Moto GP circus this weekend !
The Track was challenging to say the least (bumpy and wet/claggy at times) and Qualifying was treated to a downpour halfway thru - eliminating a few prematurely ! But speaking as a spectator (as i was this weekend) i found the whole thing excelent with rivetting compelling racing right too the end , and big crowd added to the effect too with cheering accompanying any over takes and a gripping final . Mixed in with MX jumping comp and Trials displays and of course a wet GP meeting .
Big thanks and congratulations to the whole Shorttrack UK crew for putting on a good show to the world in general .
Steve .

See more pics on my Flickr pages -


MOTO GP 2 , WET by outtacontrolla5969
MOTO GP 2 , WET, a photo by outtacontrolla5969 on Flickr.

This bike crashed out right in front of us at Stowe corner , next lap . Bravo !

ZAETA , it's a thing of beauty !

DSCF2330 by outtacontrolla5969
DSCF2330, a photo by outtacontrolla5969 on Flickr.

Seen at the Silverstone GP shorttrack meeting , over from Italy with Marco (racing the works bike ).

Big Air Comp !

DSCF2314 by outtacontrolla5969
DSCF2314, a photo by outtacontrolla5969 on Flickr.

Silverstone GP shorttrack meet .

We had big crowds for this one !

Silverstone Flattrack meet , we had a 5 deep crowd for the Semis and Final !

Friday, 10 June 2011


Yup , just go , it'll be good !
We'll have loadsa pics of it for ya by Monday , so come right back y'all .
Details at Shorttrack uk . com

Oh yea n there'll be Moto GP too - whatever that is !
Cross ya fingers for some sun .
See the Track on Anthony's excelent blog DBA .

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Collar bone behaving , muscles still torn and hurtin tho.....
Should be able to do practice and a couple of qualifying laps at Silverstone......

Battatsini's show went well at the weekend , so here's the link to the pics -
pics of bikes and pin up girls (but not the burlesque show which was very risque !)

Oh bollocks i'm putting a video up of the boobies rotating anyway ! (below)

Busy building Adam's bobber in the workshop and making our Fonsie bike from a pre-unit Tribsa we had kicking around !

Rach is almost fully recovered from her broken back now , with just six months of phisio and hydrotherapy to look forwards to !(she's back riding bikes and at work now !) and posing as a pin up girl in this pic !

We're stacked out at the workshop and need some more space , gotta move my Mercury out - but can't find a garage long enough to keep it in ! maybe i should sell her ?
Offers on the back of a £50 pound note :-)