Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Get over to Europe and pan the crap outta yer bike one last time !

Jan puts a lotta effort into the Euro series , if you're out there get to the track and watch it .

Or - haul ya bike to the track and kick ass !

Info on Dutch bros web site and this here poster !

Monday, 18 October 2010



Nice , but not as nice as Sideburns cos Dave (from skootafarm racing ) built them a great stand with walls and bike boxes etc , then Dave DJ'd both days with some great 60's sounds from his extensive single collection ! shoulda won best stand with Jasons Triumph and the Sideburn FT on display too .

Our stand was enhanced when Dave popped over and hung our banner overhead - is there no end to this guy's skill , he's got an eye for style - that's for sure .Nice to catch up with Gary and Ben too , bet they sold some stuff !

Anyway , we met loadsa nice guys out there and sold a few bits and generally got the Flattrackin' message out the up North .
Job done .
Thanks to my dad who came for the weekend to help out , and had a good time too .
No pics from show as was too busy by far , but here's some of Rach's Harley Cafe racer tank/seat to be brightening up this blog .(more pic on my Flickr pages ) And a pic of my E-type at Goodwood after a 200 mile run out to see how she handles on the limit !
Then a pic of Mirco's Triumph bobber we have just built and finished - gotta deliver it to Italy next week , that'll be some trip in the old van !

Friday, 8 October 2010


Title says it all . wait,wait,wait. Running outta summer and patience.


Ok , i see a lotta bikes (which is good ) but i see alotta crap ones too .

Anyway this week i saw a lotta bikes - you decide which type .

My Mate Ramps is a fabricator and sidecar pilot (read nuts) he likes a few things , but one thing he's kept a long time is his Z1000 injection thingy see here at top and it's a bit special , so his mate got one too , now they are rare and here's two .

Next up a Rickman Mettise framed Sportster , s'posed to be a flattracker but does'nt quite get away with it ? Still a nice bike - and a lot lighter than a harley is normally (seen at steve piper motorcycles).

Next up is that nice IronHead Bobber outside the Hungry Skulls do in London , nice old alloy scrambles tank and lots of nice detail stuff on there too !
Top pic is Rach's old Bonnie Cafe Racer , sold to her brother to make way for her new Cafe Racer , pics soon .
He want's to restore it ! Anybody want any Cafe stuff for a T140 ?


Well given half the chance i bugger off up to London for the evening , and what better excuse than a personal invite from Londons funkiest painter , Dave Death-Spray ? His Hungry Sculls do was a mix up of Moody photos by Rieno of "The Great Frog " fame (of a 4am bike ride thru London streets ) and a bike meet and some Great From Jewelry on display !
I don't wear Jewlery but 10-15 years ago bought a Skull ring from the great frog (a death skull in a WW2 pilots helmet) and wore it to all the Dress doo's i went to , until one day - it dissapeared . Luckily they still make it ....Oh Reino ....
Drinkies from two massive ice buckets - and all the faces were there . Nice bikes out side included Dia Jobou's SR500 tracker , several Harley bobbers , Daves 900ss and his Boner bike in new blue/grey bones - nice ! Rach found a coffin to sleep in downstairs (see pic) and i bumped into a loada nice guys (u know who u are !)
Usual shit traffic in the center in town and had to take my V8 Jag - so £50 of fuel gulped and NCP's FUKCING RIDICULOUS £25 parking fee. Some guy paid that for his 2 hrs so i s'pose my just under 4 hrs was lucky as god know what it might have been over 4 hrs ?
Went down Carnaby street just to remind myself why i don't go there anymore , soulless place it is now , but i used to go early 80's and it was THE place to abuse Mods and kick over scooters .
Then off to eat as is the norm , found a chinese in chinatown (go figure !) pretty crap meal , UNTIL we got to the sizzling beef-steak in honey and pepper sauce - now that was GOOD !
Off home , Rach asleep instantly - so i chase V8 Audis down the A316 and hit 150 on the M3 (again) and once more do the Bridge jump on the A33 just before home , waking Rach just in time 4 bed .