Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Finally some of the shop stock has rolled in . We have Daredevil T shirts , A whole load of fibreglass flattrack seats and fork protectors , Star Bars etc etc , Still waiting for a big delivery from the States inc -Tanks/bars/footrests/seats .Got a few bikes in stock too - Streettrackers mainly (XS650 , Bonnie bobber , Triumph pre-unit 500 , Buell etc ) for more stock go to- http://www.flickr.com/photos/redmaxspeedshop/sets/72157617350628117/

and you can pay by paypal , just e-mail me at OUTTACONTROLLA@TALKTALK.NET
Thanks Steve .

Monday, 27 April 2009


We were gagging to get out on track , having missed last weeks practice with all the other Shorttrack UK boys , so we hauled ass up to Bootifull Buxton for a right royal burn up ! Found myself pretty outtacontrolla most of the day - trying to put the power down in the dusty deep dirt ! But the upside was some big old sideways action - not always in the corners either ! The speedway boys kept us entertained , mainly with their amazing skill - but also with some big pile ups !Nearly got my ass kicked by an 10 year old on his school-boy scrambler (KX80?) big up for Sam , who told me the XR could start an earthquake ! Nice one .
More pics and a video of the XR750 noise machine here http://www.flickr.com/photos/redmaxspeedshop/sets/72157617401807124/
Oh yea , Sideburn girl took all these pics , and the Noisey video (last pic in set, click to play ! )

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


First round of the year at

Kings Lynn ! Plenty of sideways action and that smell of racing oil ........ mmmmmmm.

Make sure you don't miss it .


Sunday, 12 April 2009

KEEF - START ME UP (music reference again)

So Keef pops in and says kin i borroz ya starter fing ? so we pop it on the old pick em up truck n head over to his gaff , he's just fitted his re-con mag to his XR750 and can't get it to fire up ! anyway the way it turned out my starter rollers would'nt start it so after 'bout an hour we drained the carbs out , fitted some warm plugs and pushed it to the top of the hill for an old fashioned bump-start and BABOOMSKI off she goes , just a small tweak on the ignition timing and she was ticking over too - music to our ears if not all his nieghbours . Here are the pics .XR750 first two , XR1000 then Triumph Hurricane n Keef .


Had a good day out at the Harley autojumble last week end , spotted a couple of nice bobbers and bought a couple of bits for the projects including a flat slide carb .Took the Thruxton out (as it's the only bike with a dual seat ) with sideburn girl on the back for a change . Bumped into a few people there including Keef on his XR1000 , so i'm gonna go over his gaff n get some pics of his bikes asap , he's got - XR1000 , XR750 and a Triumph Hurricane in purple ! Pics soon as .


Dave Murdo sent me these pictures over to prove just what a nice cafe racer you can make out of an XS650 , they don't all have to be Flattrackers !

He's just got the wiring loom to finish off today , then it's off scratchin' round some lanes .

Friday, 3 April 2009


Look at this Video , bit square but made me laff !
Mc Queen Rickman desert sled jump on someones golf course !
I'd never ride over a golf course - unless it was 20 years ago on the way home from school on me Fizzie .


Yea - party like it's 1999 , mainly cos it is ! (well was) when i took these pics at the Municipal raceway in Daytona exactly ten years ago ! Won't bore you with Harleys on main street , but real racing machines just before the main event . Hot twins in the Pits .