Sunday, 12 April 2009

KEEF - START ME UP (music reference again)

So Keef pops in and says kin i borroz ya starter fing ? so we pop it on the old pick em up truck n head over to his gaff , he's just fitted his re-con mag to his XR750 and can't get it to fire up ! anyway the way it turned out my starter rollers would'nt start it so after 'bout an hour we drained the carbs out , fitted some warm plugs and pushed it to the top of the hill for an old fashioned bump-start and BABOOMSKI off she goes , just a small tweak on the ignition timing and she was ticking over too - music to our ears if not all his nieghbours . Here are the pics .XR750 first two , XR1000 then Triumph Hurricane n Keef .

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