Monday, 20 July 2009


Had a great day out on the old Norton to Jack's Cafe on the A5 , bit wet on the 80-mile trip up there. But what i do like is when you get there all the Brit bikes and Cafe racers get pride of place Parking out the front and all the other shit parks out back ! Should of bought yer old bikes out and not wimped out on those Moderns . They should do that for the Rockers Re union run to Brighton cos they let all the Mods park their hairdryers to gether and all the other bikes go anywhere ! go figure - and it's supposed to be a classic day ! Rant over .
We had a cuppa slosh , listened to the Rapiers then hid from the pissing rain before hitting the road again . Then Sideburn girl dissapears from the Radar on her Cafe Bonnie , and finally appears with oil every where (her boots are now waterproof !). Blown base gasket , so it's off to the Pub and wait for the AA (1.5 HRS!) then back on the old steed for an almighty thrashing back to Winchester in the pouring rain . Typical day in the life of a rocker 1960 or today i'd say .

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