Sunday, 20 September 2009


Thursday , Friday Happy Days , The weekend comes-my cycle hums , ready to race to you !
Sing along you know the words . OK So , Gary says - fancy coming to this Do in Brick lane (London 'tarn') on Thurs nite , we'll take our cafe racers n look well cool , then there's the Goodwood revival on Friday if you can get a ticket , Then we're Racin' at Peterborough on Saturday - sounds like a plan . Yep , says i , We can fit it all in - wot could possibly go wrong ?
So i'm runnin around Thurs morn trying to load the van for racin , then checking over The Reverend (My Norton) for the thrash up toLondon and , as expected the lights are on the fritz . Two hours later and broken earth in loom replaced , i jumped on the old bike and made the rather crap (road works all the way up the M3) 80 mile trip up the Smoke no problems , to this Re-enactment Retro Photo display amongst all Londons finest Dandy Rockers (and Ben too- the other half of Sideburn). Nice one , then into Brick lane for a Curry and jump on the old steed , with Gary on his Guzzi Cafe Racer and head back Thru the centre of town back to my gaff , only the ole gall did'nt like all that filtering and went down on one cyl ! Easy solved - drop it down a gear and clear her out - that woke a few cockneys up !The ride was ace , We cracked off at dawn to Goodwood on the bikes again - along the A272 which is one of the best scratchin roads i know , to the Revival - which is totally mind blowing - for Bikes , cars , planes , women - what else could u wanna see thru your sepia coloured glasses ? The car park before you even show your ticket was better than any classic car show i've ever been to ! You gotta go ! See all the pics here

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