Friday, 13 November 2009


Man , what a coupla weeks down here at the Speedshop ! got three boxes of tanks in from the USA and sold em all there n then . So i re-order them from the States again and i still think i'm about two tanks behind on the orders i have taken ! Anyway one box came in today (out of three!) and there were no tanks in it and no tracking info either (weasel did'nt like the sound of this .....) so i'm crossing all my fingers in the vain hope they turn up on monday .Then i gotta order it all again (Thank god for VISA) , if this keeps up i may just break even !
Got loads of new lines in , Tell tale tachs , lights and controls etc
But the best selling stuff at the moment is the Trackmaster tanks i do for Triumph T140 (and other oif bikes) and the new T140 seat (custom made to fit the wide frame rails). Also in is XS650 seats (custom fit to std frame rails).
Also coming along nicely is the shop runaround W650 , see pic - actually that's not how it looks , cos i've changed the tank and seat since then and tried 3 lights none of which i liked , so it 2 steps forward , 3 steps back (repeat untill fade !) see it coming together here
Got plenty of projects coming on now , and have a unused GNC Flattrack frame/swing arm for a Harley / Buell motor for sale (like this one)
if anyones interested ? (not cheap tho) Hens teeth i think !.
Look at that rain out there ! Stair rods .

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