Monday, 29 March 2010


Nah - it's not that film from the 80's (good tho it may be ...)

This is all about the WILD WIGAN WEEKEND we just had .

Actually my weekend started on Thursday , and it goes something like this -
Thursday 5pm - jump in car drive up the Smoke to Camden to see the Rev Horton Heat at the Electric Ballroom - get home 2am ! (150 miles trip).
Friday Mornin , load all the gear and 1x XR750 flattracker in the van , Lunchtime drive to Wigan (225 miles ), getting stuck in some crap traffic on way (5hr drive !) For the Stags/Sideburn no5 launch party , set up the bike on stage for the Burlesque girl to crawl over , sit back n watch the show ! Ace . The band really rocked (dave Scootafarm Murdo on base) and the atmosphere was fab , with people from all over attending , met some great guys there . Davida put up part of their picture gallery , and Sideburn were launching mag no 5 on the world (gary was the first on the dance floor too !) , burlesque girls were selling the raffle tickets for a Davida helmet , and i'm sure i saw a Donkey get cut in two on the stage !Get back to Dave's gone 3am !
Saturday . Rise @ 9am get down to the Yankee diner for some grits with the boys , then onto the WIGAN SHORTY TRACK opening event at an undisclosed address , which was fab - we even had some races on the smaller bikes !(great job on the track guys ) Then back to unload the Stags gear outta the van into the lock-up , off for Chips n Gravy at the Drive- by shooting chippy , back to change then off to Liverpool to the Go Go Cage for two bands (Doctor Combover and the Jim Jones Revue ) Very happening evening , Back to Dave's for @ 3am !
Sunday , up at 8am , drive 3 or so hours down to Norfolk arena (189miles) for the Shorttrack UK first official practice of the year - and it was good to be back on track ! Bit worried about the track grip and my riding at first , then Boastie says they've put down Scunthorpe dirt - but it all came good when they watered it and once again Kings-lynn was like clay . Superb ! then pack it all up n jump in the van , drive (200 miles)back to Winchester for 10pm , just in time for a hug from Sideburn Girl n jump into bed for a very long coma-like sleep !
Total mileage -@800. (saw fuel @1.27 liter! fookin rip off .)
Rest needed to recover - 1 month .
Band total 3.
Bikes ridden 4 .
Burlesque girls gurned over 3.
Hours of sleep - not enough.
Hours of driving - too many .
I should know better at my age ! (21)
Thanks Dave n Louise for putting me up in the loft !

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