Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Right , bone fixed with some kind of ball of calcium growth , arm works with restricted movement but don't hurt - so lets go to Le-mans for a two day track day and see if it don't fall apart !

Took the old Silver Duke down in the van , have'nt done a track day since last year and the braking forces are pretty high - especially when you can see 150-odd at the end of the straight !
But my arm coped easily , so i knew i could come home and go straight out for a Flattrack race on Sunday (providing i don't fall off etc etc ...)Pics here -http://www.flickr.com/photos/redmaxspeedshop/page4/
Need'nt have worried as it was Gary Sideburn that did all the falling orf , in a mega - go out every race and crash spree ...... win it or bin it eh Gaz ? Gotta admire that , and he took it all in good humour too .
A good meeting for the Skootafarm boyz in all , jon Lee showing us all the way (only Jacob beating him ) then Dave Arnold going well all day and getting a good points haul , Wilky holeshotting the Thunderbike B race (after i chose the outside line and lost !) and leading it start to finish with me coming second and Gary and Jason not far behind .
See the Video here-
I love Kings Lynne , it suits my big old bus and i always come away with some points !
Next -
Issue six of sideburn mag is out - buy one from me - or them (it's really fab this one !)
Also we have a Twin shock version of our race frame and a conversion kit for Triumph twin engines on the way (see pic)
Over n out , cos i'm knackered now .
Steve #59

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