Friday, 8 October 2010


Ok , i see a lotta bikes (which is good ) but i see alotta crap ones too .

Anyway this week i saw a lotta bikes - you decide which type .

My Mate Ramps is a fabricator and sidecar pilot (read nuts) he likes a few things , but one thing he's kept a long time is his Z1000 injection thingy see here at top and it's a bit special , so his mate got one too , now they are rare and here's two .

Next up a Rickman Mettise framed Sportster , s'posed to be a flattracker but does'nt quite get away with it ? Still a nice bike - and a lot lighter than a harley is normally (seen at steve piper motorcycles).

Next up is that nice IronHead Bobber outside the Hungry Skulls do in London , nice old alloy scrambles tank and lots of nice detail stuff on there too !
Top pic is Rach's old Bonnie Cafe Racer , sold to her brother to make way for her new Cafe Racer , pics soon .
He want's to restore it ! Anybody want any Cafe stuff for a T140 ?

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