Friday, 26 November 2010


Next road trip please .....

Went up to Lincoln for the Fantastic Shorttrack presentation evening (nice one Boastie ) but as you know can't really make it that simple , so i decided to pick up a couple of XS650's and a shed load of spares on the way ! Stourbridge wherever that is ..... So hopped in the van at the crack of -well 9am really and gunned it over to the old boy selling them , he opened up his garage and sitting there was his pride and joy XS650 chop , Marilyn themed and bright yellow and chrome looked late seventies early eighties maybe ans still in top condition . Will stay that way too as the old boy was bent double with two steel plates in his back - and still smiling ! nice guy showed us his juke box and got his son to lift in some stuff i couldnt lift alone .

Then onto Lincoln , parked by the Cathederal and walked down the cobbled streets of the old town (which was nice ) until it was time to hit the party .

The shorttrack party was fab , plenty of food and drink consumed and lotsa prizes given out to the many skilled top riders there (you know who u are !)

Big thanks to Pete n Jackie again for my favorite racing series and all the guys involved in making Flattrack happen in the Uk - who thunk it eh ?

After that jumped back in the van an drove home ! arriving at 3.30 am Rach ZZZZZZZZZ all the way , van flat oot , me comatose - slept in till 1pm sunday .

Just wanna say to all the guys i race with - Its a pleasure boys , Cu y'all next year .

Ain't got any pics of the event but here's that XS chop and Jasons BSA in the workshop !


  1. cracking nite, top marks pete, n jackie!!.