Tuesday, 20 September 2011

RACE UPDATE - FROM HOSPITAL !!! Actually I'm trying to do this on my I phone and it ain't workin ! Result is broken fibula and arm broken in 4 places

Ok , i'm home now - bed downstairs in frontroom ! not feeling to much pain either - which considering the damage ain't bad !
Love Rye house but it don't love me , got the Norton dialled in and was looking forwards to a front row start in the third race - as the Reverend comes off the line like a train , i was expecting a holeshot to the front - which i duly got ! Bliss !

anyway i held everyone off till bout the third lap when i went slightly wide and someone went sliding thru much faster and on out to the barrier (paul Baleta) i remember thinking "thank god he missed me" then something rammed me at a million miles an hour and my bike was removed from under me into the air and deposited on my head ! Someone was way outta control and used me to stop him .
Now , i know when i'm hurt and when you can't move your arm when you tell it to - you got problems - as well as the broken leg and loss of vision i'd broken the top of my arm in 4 places near the shoulder socket - still can't lift it but at least i can feel it now !

The docs don't reckon i'll have any real strength in that arm for a year or so - and they want to put a plate in it which'll put me back even further !

I'm in good spirits here really - but i'm very fucked off to get hit from behind like that - i know who it was and hope he can live with knowing he's put me out of action for a year ,ruined our holliday (no refund there ) and of course i can't earn a living for god knows how long - all because you don't think and ride at the same time !

I thought it might be nice to take my dad along for his first flattrack meeting to watch me ride -and he got to see this , now he's worried that he jinxed my luck - can't see him coming again.

I love Shorttrack and now i can't do it - thanks .

great pics from Mr Baldock as usual .Ambulance pic from Ant Brown - gonna try n load my x-ray pics now .


  1. jesus m8, you know how to do it in style!!!.
    really gutted for ya stevie.
    at least ya got till april now to recover.
    you and the reverend have un-finished buisness!.

  2. Yea, don't mind crashing much - being taking out from behind ain't so sweet tho ! First time my dad was able to come and watch too , bet he really enjoyed watching that going down .:-(

  3. that sucks m8, your dad seemed like a cool dude aswell.
    just heal quick m8, hopefully catch up soon.

  4. get well sooner Steve
    I tried to phone you a couple of times the day after but I guess you were still in hospital

  5. Danm.get well soon dude,i was hoping to see you ride at scunthorpe.take it easy.