Sunday, 20 November 2011


Back this mid-day from ROLLERBURN , which obviously was fab .
Great vibe from the start with a lot of like minded Flattrack Hep-cats turning up to display their rockin' bikes around the hall .
Rach said of the Stall/stands there - I've never been to a show where all the stands were interesting , i just don't know where to start ! (however she soon started spending and i'm not sure she stopped !)
Pics / Videos here on Flickr -
It was a cultural mish-mash of art/style/cool/motorsickle mania and music .
Not to mention the surf/skate /cycle culture happening thing going on ....
When am i going to mention the Motorsickle /Rollergirl drag racing and Guy Martin ?
Well , i just did - but first star of the show for me was off his head northern comic - Charlie Chuck - MONKEY !
Anyway when the ROLLERBALL gig started and the Two painted up Co-Builts shot past with Rollergirls sliding on their (sexy) asses past us - then appeared a vision of a third rider on another Co-Built bike towing another Gurl and it was Mr Chuck !
I tell you it was like the ghost of Simoncelli in a 70's dinner suit with a touch of Terets thrown in i even forgot Guy Martin was even there !.
However Rach soon reminded me by tracking him down and Having me take their pic for her !
I got some great Video of that all going on , will load it up when fully awake later .
The minute the Bike engines died out The Stags chimed in hard n fast - anyone who has'nt seen em should and their crazy mix of 60's beat band/garage sounds is worth the trip anywhere .
The first band was just a wall of noise for me - but a lot of people dug it (Hip priests) but i liked the second band from france a lot more (Les terribles) and they had the sound set up a lot better too .
It was great to see a load of my mates over from France too - Hope no-one came a cropper in the Pea soup fog we had all the way home .
You know a thing like this only happens occasionally and i'm glad i was there .
And any time you've been anywhere and wanna tell someone else about it - you know you went somewhere worthwhile and was part of something good .

Thanks to Glenn and Shaun for carting my stall 180 miles and setting it up for me whilst i schmoozed around at the NEC show with Rach that morning !
BIG thanks to the Sideburn team , co-built and Skootafarm boys for makin it happen .
OH and those ROLLERGIRLS for makin it oh so horny .
Not Guy Martin Rach .

This crap video explains how Rollerderby works , but i've got some great footage of the Rollerburn Drag races to load up tommorow !

Second video is of Rollerburn crash - Gurl on her ass ! filmed from bottom of strip - watch her slide , smell the fishnets burn ! mmmm.
Gonna upload a few more vids to my Flickr page tomorrow .

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