Sunday, 28 July 2013


Oh Mumma - found yesterday in a 50's lean too garage with a stash of other parts i'm going back for someday - A 1948 plunger Ariel Square four !
They're a bit rare round here - don't know anyone who's ever had one !
Or indeed made a bobber outta one - which is what i'm gonna do with this one ...
Anyway it was reputedly rebuilt before being left in the shed for 18 years , so i figured i'd maybe get her going today !
There's a routine i take if i'm going to get something like this running without ruining any internals which involves (once the motor is freed off) flushing the motor thru and then getting some clean oil round the system and pumped back up into the tank (which worked here) then checking compressions (ok) and attempting to clean the points and slip ring on the mag and cleaning the dizzy in order to get a spark (which it did ). lastly the carb needs a strip down and check over and a tank found that can hold fuel (which the Ariel one did not ).
If this runs , we can change the oil a few times and see how we go - if not strip down , nothing lost (but a few hours ) ....
Chores done , timing checked , fuel tank ready - let's kick her up !
Two kicks and a small pop , retard the lever and two kicks later we have a running motor (see video below) and once warm she is sounding sweet and even ticking over - Score !
Can't really believe she sounds so sweet - maybe it was rebuilt , certainly seems that way ....
Gonna need a rear brake lever so i can ride her next and bolt a few things back together - then do i just run her as a patinated piece of history or spend a while turning her into a top notch bobber ?
Think i'll do the "historic" bobber look for a year or so then maybe spend some time on her bringing it all up to spec (or maybe not) .
Anyway what a find ! Stoked is the word . Squariel is the name mother.
More pics here -

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  1. Stoked indeed!! Fix that tank and run it...that sounded sweeeet!