Sunday, 25 August 2013

Redmax Speed Shop Norton

Redmax Speed Shop Norton by Mrbigpaws
Redmax Speed Shop Norton, a photo by Mrbigpaws on Flickr.

Thanks Mr Bigpaws !
The bike continues it's love / hate relationship with me ....
As she gets more miles under her belt ,the engine is sharpening up nicely.
On the dark side , i still have to disconnect the injection to stop the injectors leaking overnight ! and she blew two fuses last run out for no apparent reason ....
And i can't stop the clutch slipping -although it only slips in top now .
Just had front cover and center spread in Back Street Heroes , which is good for us !
Overall we are getting some good feedback and publicity from the bike - and that is it's Raison d'etre.
Steve .

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