Friday, 28 August 2009


Pays to stick around for more than five minutes at my place , first of all i had Tony from local MX test track "Tonymoto's" pop in to chat about his XS650 build he has goin on , managed to sway the conversation towards building an oval there ! Possible southern test track !
Then i had another Tony Arrive this guy is local to me and has one of the only real Halco Ascots out there being used too (over 100K) Built by the late Tony Hall (ex Wasp MX sidecar boy) in Salisbury using a design made for Yamaha by the guys that did the Commando isolastic frame .
Special bike at 175kg too , could'nt stop the other Tony drooling over it (asked to sit on it 3 times !)It even started on demand ! Sweet.Then my dad popped over (out for a blast) on his Thruxton Bonnie - he's a Tony too !
To round off the day my mate Keef popped in on his XR750 (daylight mot job ) to shoot the breeze and talk Flattrack so i challenged him to kickstart it on tape - and off it went , second kick ! Gonna put it on my U-TUBE (he's a 10 stone, hips gone, Jesus lookalike) . Wheres the Tony in that u ask ? Well u gotta kick like Tony the Tiger to start one o them !

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