Monday, 28 December 2009


And what a ball it was ! Sold out with people packed up to the rafters , some were turned away unfortunatly cos it went over capacity .Great venue for a slickly run event and the rain can't touch it - ace .
But it was a great success with close , fast racing , good grip and plenty of elbow in the face action !
The result was a (suprise) run away win from Edward Kennet , who looked completely in controll start to finish .
Closely followed by Ade Collins and Glynn Pocklington .
Steve Plater and Gary Johnston showed well from the road racers and marco was always up there with Rusty and Jacopo, but for me Glynn must be the man most pleased with his day - making the final and coming out Third ! Nice one dude .
I'll post the results when they're released for you all - in the meantime check out the pics (once again from the camera of sideburn girl !) There's a VIDEO on here too !
Thanks to everyone who visited the stall on the day ! Copies of sideburn were flying off the shelf
Oh , and thanks to the Shorttrack UK team (all of you ) for a great day .

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  1. was best meeting so far. had the aura of a roman arena about the place. with racin to match!!.