Friday, 4 December 2009


All time low for Blog heading there !

Wanted to show you some pics i've been sent on e-mail Firstly Gavin's XR750 in TT trim for the road .
What a nice bike eh ? Gavin works at Oxford HD - and you can see what a nice job he does !

The other bike is Nick's project evolving from his iron XR style bike shown here at red Marley hill climb !
The rolling chassias is gonna be a replica of mert's (lawill) iron XR special - a bit like Berelsfords Golioth , but not . Bet i never remembered that right .
UPDATE ! -Nicks just sent me a note - Thanks for pics on you blog --yes you got it correct-lawwills XLR-900cc-predated goliath by about 5 years but both frames built by Jim belland-were made obsolete by xr 750 of which frame and engine were evolved .

Gavin's also working on a C&J framed harley (Cafe Racer), so i'll show you some pic's of that soon !

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