Friday, 22 January 2010


Had a great night out in London town last night !
Went to the launch of Mark Ely's DAI JOBOU Calender (which features naked ladies jumping around !) in Shoreditch .
Dropped off both his SR 500 street trackers i've been giving a makeover to , one went in the window of his shop PRESENT on shoreditch high st and the other in the NEU art gallery just round the corner where they were launching the Calender . Both bikes went down really well so both me and Mark were happy with that .
THe launch also was the first gig for a band Mark is managing called PLAYBAND and they really rock hard - so i liked em (i'm partial to girl rock singers anyway and this one hit the spot !) , she looked stunning in a jumpsuit that Mark had designed .
There was a big turnout of people and i ment up with a few old friends , and some new ones as well !
There were a few bikes outside inc Dave Deathspray's XS Streetracker and a few Brit's i liked too inc a couple of BSA A65's - nice to see em out !
Later hooked up with sideburn's Ben and a few others to go get food - in an old London
routemaster bus , called Rootmaster because as i found out when i got inside , it's a Vegan resturant . DOH . Gave it a go , but came out just as hungry as i went in . In fact the main event was getting driven there in a Brand new Nissan Skyline R by a Cute Japanese girl , Ben videoed the whole drive cos inside the (very cramped) cabin it was like a scene from Tron , or the space shuttle at least - an experience for sure but not my cuppa charlie .The little Fiat in the bus pic was also running with us . Chalk and cheese .
Any way the food looked great and the company was great , indeed a great night out in the name of work !
More pics here .

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