Saturday, 30 January 2010


I know that sounds like a Jamaican lap dance or something , but it's just the proceeds of a successfull days Autojumbling at the Kempton park jumble today !

Me n my dad (tony) jumped in the van and whizzed up the M3 to London and by the time we got there - the sun was out ! Still bitterly cold tho .
Dad was looking for some Enfield forks for his Connie 700 project and i was out for some T140 forks for my bobber project !
5 mins in and i'd bought forks and wheel for the bobber , tools , grinding discs , a first edition of Performance bike mag and a 1983 Super bike with patch still on the cover ! And some Transatlantic match race programmes , All for a Tenner ! - not really , the two bacon rolls n tea cost about that ! (Dads still crying - more than a pound? is his motto !)
We bid on a complete Enfield to steal the parts off , but to no avail -so we still need Connie forks (or 50's bullet ).
Then as i rounded the corner i thought i saw Steve Mc Queen jump off his Great Escape bike and run off with a bevvy of germans giving chase on Triumph looking sidecars ! So i ran over to the stall and asked if it was for sale and was told to my suprise that i could buy it if i paid cash before he got back !
Well , what a nice man and as the price was OK (considering it was in the film.....)i got my cash out and a hasty deal was done - Cushty !
However on the way home i noticed the log book does'nt say S McQueen at all !!!! no it says some welsh name from Llandrindod Wells , and comes with stories of support riding for the Welsh two day enduro by an ex-sidecar rider ! Do you know what , i'm beginning to think this bike was'nt even made by 1945 !

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  1. Lucky boy. I didn't make it, and wish I had now!