Friday, 9 April 2010


Went up the smoke last night to Death Spray Custom's art show in the Exposure art gallery . And it was a great night out with some stunning pieces on display - including my old race bike with a fab paint job by the master himself (Dave) and with the bike in pride of place in the window , i was glowing with pride ! It's always nice to catch up with friends too and i had Sideburn girl (Rach) along for the ride so she was able to meet a few people to . Had i enough spare cash i could have bought a matching Axe and Fixie push bike , to go with my 1026cc Ducati - but i had my eye firly one the set of four DSC number ones that would have looked great in my shop on the wall ! Many thanks to Dave for a great evening and a great paintjob .
After it was all over we heade out for food with Anthony (co-built) and his mate Oz , and without a word of a lie had the best Thai meal ever , nice resteraunt , good service and fantastic food .
What a way to end the night !

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