Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Well that means i can ride a bike again - not fast , not hard - just ride !
Took one of our Connies outta the garage , got her mot'd and went for a 3hr trundle on sat .
Went nowhere in particular out to the New Forest and round a few back roads , and i loved it !
What i did'nt like is being burnt off by Rach on the Trumpet the Strumpet .
Now this Connie (Royal Enfield Constellation 700 cc twin 1963 Bathtub S/C version )ain't all that cos normally my Connie would kick a Bonnies Ass big time , but those letters S/C mean sidecar anchor and she came with soft cams and a single concentric carb - which means slower than your average bear boo-boo ! Actually it means 75-80 which is ok in our stupid overcrowded road system , but not so hot out on a long straight with yer chick slowin down then speedin up before you can catch her , and laughin atcha at the same time . Time for some dangerous overtakin methinks - that'll leave her lonesome . Nah - she's to quick for me , so i took her into the Harley shop on the way back for a test ride ! NOW THAT'LL SLOW HER DOWN .

Anyway job done - she loved the Iron Sporty she tried out and wants one - only we have to build it like a cafe-racer Vincent style a'la Hogbitz (see pic) - she know's what she want's that gurl .

Ok - so normally i'm the ugly one when we're out but since i got my new Bell Stunt lid i've been feeling roight purdy , so i tried it out on the Connie and it's great , but ruins my Quiff -which is wierd cos ask any body i know - i can race all day and still have some Quiff left ! So to sum up best looking lid i've ever had but can't take it orf cos i'll have a centre parting !

Evel stripe , pearl cream glitterflake finish and a ton of pin striping with a nice interior - yep it's one nice lid , worth the wait , as i ordered it in Daytona in March as they ain't coming over here ever cos they ain't safe for english melons (?).

Oh yea my arm works now but all my muscles have dissapeared due to wastage so i goes to the Doc - When do i start my physio then Doc ?
You don't get any says he - WTF ! Did'nt get any Kin plating on my broken bone , paid for my own Laser treatment ! Now no Kin physio . WTF am i paying national insurance for ?
So i punched the cunt , but he did'nt feel anything - cos i'm so fuckin weak ! Ho ho ;-)
Nice to end on a rant combined with a (poor) joke eh .
Oh yea after i've had 7 weeks with no earnings the Doc would'nt sign my insurance form unless i paid £25 ! took 3 minutes to do ......... if only i could swing a bit harder .
(more ranting followed this but i could'nt be arsed to type it .)
Just to cheer me up , cos i won't be at Buxton for the next race (we are displaying Flattrackers at the Hayride!) i've put in a pic of Dave Murdo's new Redmax Advert which we all love !
Thanks Dave .
In fact thanks Louise , Diane and most of all Joe for Helping at the Races and being cool people to hang with .
Lastly , that's my dad with the Connie , he had one new in 1959 - so i got one in 1983 (which i still have !) cos he rated it so much , and i loved it . He had to sell it to get a car (105e Anglebox estate) when i was born , so when he wanted to ride again in 07 i bought him this to ride - since then he's nicked my Thruxton full time - so i've got this one back , and it's the only bike i have without clip on bars , so out it's come . For a relaxing ride or two . niiiice .


  1. good to hear your on the road again m8, next stop back on the track!!.
    come on!!

  2. God , i hope so soon mate !
    Want phyisio really to get the arm workin again tho first .
    Can hardly lift a pint !