Monday, 5 July 2010


Obviously i've been outta action cos o my broken collar bone , but i'm still doin' what i can !
Got Dave Death spray's Triumph nearer to completion . see here

And dug out the Ducati monster i got for sideburn girl that is the wrong colour ( gurls ! don't she know they're s'posed to be red ?) - she want's Pearl White ! We borrowed one from my shop a while back and she was so quick on it and inspired cos of the confidence it gives you , she decided then n there she wanted one ! so when this one came up (from Ducati in OZ ) i snaffled it up for her . But now i gotta sell it as it's in my way . Brand new -unregistered . want it ? see here for loadsa pics !

Been developing new tanks with our Uk manufacturer , and as anyone will know what we need is bigger tanks that still look cool ! and here it is - a larger version of the Trackmaster tank that is out top seller and nicest looking tank too ! More pics here

Out and about we took a couple of bikes to Cassington bike night to get the Flattrack word out there , and set up with anthony and Geoff from Co-Built , musta given out a coupla hundred cards so that's good ! more pics here
And on Anthony's great DBA blog here

Well that's all i can do with my arm killing me - as it does if i try to type with both hands (well fingers ! )

Hope to catch up with you all soon !

Won't be at Stoke at Rach has booked us for a weekend at Americana so i can't get involved at the races , which is fair enough - but i'm missing it already , so here's a link to the flattrack racing here in the UK in case you did'nt know !
The racing pic at the bottom was taken by my good friend Randall at Amman Valley and the pitifull sight in the corner is my collarbone cracking ! Doh .

Ride safe dudes !

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  1. Sorry to see you eatin' dirt there... but great that you got the pic for posterity!
    I've always wanted a pic of me binning it (mabe some kind of S&M thing going on there...) and thought that by the law of averages I'd have a few by now.

    Hope to see you back on the clay soon dood!