Friday, 11 March 2011


Had this wierd graphiti one in too !

Had two good designs in from Chris hough above , he says - The Classic is a modern take on an old-school AJS with a slug of JPS bling in the gold pinstriping. 'The Axe' is inspired by a telecaster... candy-apple red and a matt maple with a black pinstripe echoed on the scratchplate, I mean number board. Nice one Chris !

Keep em coming !

white bike is Streeettracker mock up , red bike is standard bike from AJS .......

Ok , i love British bikes - always have .

But they've all but gone now .

Triumph are back and Norton are looking good , but when you've got AJS on your doorstep and they're still going (albeit bring Chinese bikes in and re-badging em) - i just think it'd be nice to help out a bit ! Maybe get involved even .

So to this end i thought i'd stick my hand in my pocket and buy the most likely candidate they do and see if we can't make something out of it .

I'm thinking a Streettracker and a cafe racer - cos that's what we do .

Nick brown at AJS is up for it and after several conversations he came up with a bike at trade for me and is getting excited about the prospect of something different for the AJS name .

So we got this strange 125 four-stroke twin (325 also available) back at REDMAX HQ and did a strip down and try-out . This is only day one for the Streettracker and i think it has possibilities , (it's just a mock up at mo) bear in mind we don't want to go too far and price it out of existence so alot of stuff has to stay from the std bike .

Hence the exhaust which seems to work with the seat unit , but is a bit Marmite (love it or hate it !) and the clocks are large and a bit overpowering and i wanted spoked wheels - but we're on a budget here - at least the std tyres are a bit streetracker-ish .

So the red bike is how we got her , and the white bike is our Streetracker mock up - using parts - Star racer tank , T140 shorty seat , basketweave pad , oval alloy numberboards , bates lamp and Flanders style bars .

Ok it's just a mock up - but with that box section swing arm , posy shocks , wavy discs and funky exhaust as standard , coupled with our 70's Flattracker makeover and a paint job , i think it'll look pretty cool .

Mind you it's all down to the paint job in the end - which is where you all come in !

This is really an appeal to all you budding photoshop designers out there to have a go at some paint jobs/ designs / graphics and send em in to me at REDMAX HQ , we'll show the designs as we get 'em . You could even name the bike too !


I'm thinking there should be a prize here too , so how about a years SIDEBURN Mag subscription for the best two ?

Catagories would be -

A . coolest paint job (as far out as you like , man!)

B . Most useable in the real world paint job (captain sensible , AJS logos etc )

You can design around the basic bike or add paint to the white bodywork , and consider we are looking at a cafe racers next !

You can do - pencil / pen / cad-cam / photoshop / bodypaint / charcoal / cave painting - anything !!!!!! just scan it and send it in as a jpeg to me at -

snatzomobile (at) talktalk (dot) net (you know how it works , don't want spam)

Any comments / helpfull advice gladly recieved , we are talking about a famous name here (AJS) and who knows where this could lead for them .

More pics here as we do the bike start to finish !

Cheers you guys .

Steve .



  1. slap a union jack on the tailpeice, an ajs logo on the numberboards, and ur away m8!.
    it already looks better than the origonal.
    british racing green for the colour aswell.

  2. oh btw, I like the pipes... different... :)