Monday, 7 March 2011

BOTTPOWER - cool Buells !

We have supplied Ramon Bellosta with a load of parts recently for his Buell project Tracker , and if his last project is anything to go by it's gonna be bloody fantastic !

They have some great roads and Tracks in Spain so i guess he'll have plenty of oppertunity to sort them in the sun !
Nice one Ramone ......

stole this lot from Visordown who nicked it from anyway !
Tasty flattrack concept from Bottpower
Moto2 builders design flattrack concept based around a Buell donor
Posted: 7 March 2011 by Visordown News

Creators of the dynamically attractive M210 Moto2 machine Bottpower have put their minds to the dirt oval and designed a trick flattrack concept.
The BOTT XR-1 concept design is based around a Buell powerplant, with the American bike also acting as a donor for the wheels, suspension, brakes and swingarm - the chassis will work around a central spine design.
The basis for building the bike is to work within the elements of flattrack aesthetics, based on the Harley XR750 racers that drift around the flattrack ovals in the American series. Bottpower are building the BOTT XR-1 on the ideas from Ramón Bellosta, who asked the team to build the chassis.
Rather than opting for a Harley XR1200, a bike that has been identified as the closest on the market, the BOTT XR-1's specifications will trounce the H-D bike. Where as the Harley weighs 250kgs and has 85bhp, the BOTT XR-1 will weigh 170kgs and pump out more than 100bhp and with the addition of much more aggressive geometries making it a more agile bike.
Follow the project and images courtesy of Bottpower
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