Thursday, 2 June 2011


Collar bone behaving , muscles still torn and hurtin tho.....
Should be able to do practice and a couple of qualifying laps at Silverstone......

Battatsini's show went well at the weekend , so here's the link to the pics -
pics of bikes and pin up girls (but not the burlesque show which was very risque !)

Oh bollocks i'm putting a video up of the boobies rotating anyway ! (below)

Busy building Adam's bobber in the workshop and making our Fonsie bike from a pre-unit Tribsa we had kicking around !

Rach is almost fully recovered from her broken back now , with just six months of phisio and hydrotherapy to look forwards to !(she's back riding bikes and at work now !) and posing as a pin up girl in this pic !

We're stacked out at the workshop and need some more space , gotta move my Mercury out - but can't find a garage long enough to keep it in ! maybe i should sell her ?
Offers on the back of a £50 pound note :-)

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