Monday, 13 June 2011

Silverstone trip out !

Some pics loaded here from my Flickr account showing some of the atmosphere from the Silverstone Shorttrack weekend held with the Moto GP circus this weekend !
The Track was challenging to say the least (bumpy and wet/claggy at times) and Qualifying was treated to a downpour halfway thru - eliminating a few prematurely ! But speaking as a spectator (as i was this weekend) i found the whole thing excelent with rivetting compelling racing right too the end , and big crowd added to the effect too with cheering accompanying any over takes and a gripping final . Mixed in with MX jumping comp and Trials displays and of course a wet GP meeting .
Big thanks and congratulations to the whole Shorttrack UK crew for putting on a good show to the world in general .
Steve .

See more pics on my Flickr pages -

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