Saturday, 16 July 2011


Needed more space at the old unit and this one came up with the same again upstairs and ten minutes from my gaff !

At similar rental and having a powder coater , welder , sprayer , chromer and town in walking distance - i had to have it .

Two months later i'm in , and we're making the security bars as it has large expanses of glass and door frontage to secure .

This is part of upping our game in order to make a living down here , as it's been a bit part time so far , what with Rach breaking her back and me two collar bones in a row . The rent still comes in , so we gotta catch up and we're going for it - see our new projects on Flickr , we got a BMW cafe racer , a Triumph 500 great escape bike , a Tribsa 650 , Adam's SR500 Bobber and a CB750 Cafe racer , 2 Tritons and a building to decorate !

And when we're finished and open (from Aug 1st) pop on down and say hello - the kettle will be on .

Oh and i'm getting a land line (at fucking last !)

New unit is at 3 prospect buisness center , prospect road , Alresford , Hants ,so249uh.