Thursday, 28 July 2011


Is it just a rumour ? or do these secret squirrel spy cam pics prove it's true ?

Maybe we can expect a high profile starting grid any minute soon !

Foggy dressed in Dainise Red Ducati leathers and Whitham in White/black road race leathers put in a fair few test ride laps on Ade's works Honda 450 (Foggy) and Boastie's 450 Suzuki (Whitham) and showed some pace - Foggy pulling harder and faster out of the turns and Whitham sliding nicely and somewhat stylishly into turn one of our secret test track (Coventry speedway).

There was a Camera team on hand to record the event for posterity , but secret squirrel managed to get some footage for REDMAX followers ! And here it is . Think they were tired by then tho...

What details i do know , is that all present had a good time on a very good track . A "mock" race was staged at the end of the day and Tom Wolley volounteered to film our Stars on track - that meant a camera attached to a full face helmet - mine was the only one , so he had to wear mine amid much mickey taking (mostly concerning wether or not he'd have a Quiff when he took it off !) - i got to wear his (too) small MX lid for the race and goggles that did'nt fit over my glasses ! The "mock" race went well and i'm sure the day will be great for promotion of Shorttrack in the UK !

As a side note , I was there to get some laps in on my Norton after my broken collar bones - and that was a sucsess (after i drained the flooded sump of oil !) as i found the bike fast enough to keep with the 450's and handling was great (now iv'e changed the bent shocks ) and i felt able to hit the apexes at will and wheelie at will too ! - somethings the Harley won't do - on a short track .

So - i'm looking forwards to racing her at the next speedway track race - hell it even comes off the line fast - if you can keep the front wheel down ! Of course as is usual on a vintage bike something went wrong - i pulled off with a misfire and found the brand new motorsport spec on/off switch had vibed apart ! (£30 wasted !). Still i guess i'll have to hard wire the loom past that and just use the kill switch .

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  1. can i get a secret squirrel app 4 my new smartphone too!!.
    glad to hear the bikes goin well, sounds like you got one for the half miles, and one for the shortrack aswell now.