Tuesday, 23 August 2011

NEW SHOP - OPEN !!!!!!

Well it's not finished , but we're in and working !

New address is-

Unit 3 prospect road buisness park

New alresford


so24 9uh

we have a land line too !

01962 736916

for when the mobile number flakes out - as it will .

As pics show it's got more room and an upstairs for our parts dept , landline and broadband , and a place for the kettle - for when you pop round !

first pic is Chris on his Bonnie (our first customer here) during his road trip up n down the country .

Thanks for coming Mate !

We are near the town center so you can dump your missus off in town whilst you visit us and sniff the castrol R in the air .

Look forward to seeing y'all - the kettle is on now .

Steve n Glen .

1 comment:

  1. Looks like an awesome space you got there... I wish you well in your new home! I must come by for a cup o tea sometime