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see above poster Sideburn special / shorrtrack uk race meeting Coventry May 19th
Lots of Happenings and display stuff , real racing and you can join in !
Contact the sideburn boys and sign up to take your Chop/unsuitable road bike round the track !
Yes garanteed carnage .
We'll have astand there too !

Beaulieu Hotrod and custom bike weekend ,

we have an allocated area to display Flattrackers and streettrackers - so if you want to display your bike free let us know about it!

Hampshire June 16/17th

ace cafe CAFE RACER DAY .

cafe on 24. June .12.

As you may know , we are a Cafe Racer builder too !

So we'll be taking our stand and around 6 bikes to the Ace for their very busy Cafe Racer/Triton day .

And ..... at the end of the year -

Southern Classic Off Road Show, to beheld at Kempton Park on

Saturday 8th December 2012

We shall represent the Ace Cafe there too !

We'll update as we have more info for you , just get these dates in your Diary for starters !
Bring it on !

Don't forget to come and see some Shorttrack racing in the UK this year -


each round will on the same day, Club Championship during the daytime and GNC round during the evening at each round.

Rd 1 Sunday 1st April, Leicester Speedway Stadium, Shorttrack (Club & GNC) Leicester Speedway, Beaumont Leys, Leicester, LE4 1DS.Main Event commences at 7pm.

Rd 2Saturday 21st April, Norfolk Arena, Shorttrack for Club & TT for GNC (Club & GNC) Norfolk Arena, Saddlebow Road, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE34 3AG.Main Event commences at 7pm.

Rd 3Saturday 19th May, Coventry Brandon Stadium, Shorttrack (Club & GNC)Coventry Stadium, Rugby Road, Brandon, Nr. Coventry, CV8 3GJ (on the A428).Main Event commences at 7pm.

Rd 4Sunday 3rd June, Rye House Speedway Stadium, Shorttrack (Club)Rye House Stadium, Rye Road, Hoddesdon, Herts, EN11 0EH.No main event, club meeting only but spectators welcome.

Rd 4Friday 15th June, Oxford Stadium, Shorttrack (GNC)Oxford Stadium, Sandy Lane, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 6LJ. Main Event commences at 7pm.

Rd 5Sunday 22nd July,Buxton Hi Edge Speedway, Shorttrack (Club & GNC) Buxton Speedway, Dale Head lane, Axe Edge, Nr. Buxton, Derbyshire.Main Event commences at 7pm.

Rd 6Sunday 19th August, Scunthorpe Speedway Stadium, Shorttrack (Club & GNC )Scunthorpe Speedway, Normanby Road, Scunthorpe, DN15 9YG.Main Event commences at 7pm.

Rd 7 Saturday 8th September,Tir Prince, Rhyl, N. Wales,1/2 mile (GNC)Tir Prince Leisure Park, Towyn, Rhyl, N. Wales, LL22 9NW.Main Event commences at 7pm.

Rd 8/7Saturday 15th (Club) & Sunday 16th (GNC)Sept, Rye House Speedway ShorttrackRye House Stadium, Rye Road, Hoddesdon, Herts, EN11 0EH.Main event Sunday 16th, commencing at 7pm.

And one for you Europeans -

Or join up and race , nothing is like it - NOTHING .

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