Saturday, 10 October 2009


Yea , it's been n gone - and it was great !
Chris Carr/sideburn night was a fabulous do , with the the right crowd and no crowding . The great man told us a few anecdotes of racing and the raucousness of california and Flattrack from the seventies on , suffered our questions and auctioned his gear all in the name of supporting UK Flattrack racing .
All present enjoyed the night , and some of us were lucky enough to be at his Masterclass at Rye house the next day , i personally want to thank him for imparting some of that knowledge to me , because now i have unlimited front end grip that i never knew was there ! Chris himself made it so . Bring on Sundays race , i feel a win coming on . (may take that back later!)
Also in pics are the new Dirt track T's i've just had in - Kin Fab . Order one .
Oh yea - Chris Carr rode my bike (which i desperately wanted him to do - Skootafarm Dave may have had a hand in that) and said - "That's a big old bike for a small old track" but he went on out and made it look extra fast and everyone else extra slow , like he always does . Nice one Chris , cos i've never heard that XR roar from the side line and it's great .
The fantastic bikes shown here are part of the great display of bikes on the Night and these particular bikes belong to Alistair McQ (great chap too) he also took them to the Track at Rye house for a photo shoot and test ride shootout for a Mag , but the bikes (having been in storage ) refused to play ball and few laps were managed . But what gorgeous things they are !

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