Saturday, 17 October 2009


Yep , What a race meeting that was ! RYE HOUSE is a great venue for a race and presentation afterwards , it's got a great track surface which makes for good racing and excellent spectator facilities , which makes for great viewing ! All round a great Vibe was buzzin on the day .Had a mixed meeting myself , being right up for it after Chris Carr's training day , went well in practice and had a great first race grid position ie Pole ! and my clutch cable broke just before i went out . Gutted . Did ok in the other two qualifiers , but never made the final . Still got to watch it and it was a cracker ! i predicted a few crashes and there was - a few making it into the fence - hope ur all ok ? Anthony got stampeeded upon by a XS650 and walked away . Had Les torpedo me on his XS and the end of my last race and go cartwheeling over the top in a very nasty crash , maybe he did'nt see the flag? i don't know - i stayed on and only had a dented megaphone , but his bike was pretty beaten up (see pics) and he , i think suffered a broken collar bone . Hope ur alright mate .- Does that count as a Squadron 165 attack?
As a side note , my full gringo 'tasche did'nt make me any faster , so i've decided to go down the Prof Caracticus Potts look now (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) and see if that works ?
Chris Carr gave us a lesson on which lines to use out there , whilst walking away with it - as ever the proffesional racer and a joy to watch .
Also a Joy to watch was the Mini-bike races with the best bit being the father n son bit , with Dad pulling his boy backwards by the arm to beat him over the line ! ;-)
Sitting in the stands i noticed the large crowd and pleasant vibe and also the non-stop information / chatter coming from Martin our excellent Commentator (thanks mate).
Presentations at the end went well , with Boastie wrapping up both Championships ! Well done mate , all hail the new Double Champ !
Also , as usuall - the event ran with well oiled precision , so thanks to all those Guys and Gals involved with the organising / running of the event . Top Job .
See all the pics here , as usuall from the camera of Sideburn Girl !

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