Thursday, 22 October 2009


Want some CO-BUILT yokes for my Flattrack project bike .

NO , change that , i want em for all my bikes (and i've got a few !).

Oh yea and while we're at it , i WANT one of his frame kits too .

May have to settle for some Yokes for now tho , Anthony showed me his new Yokes (Triple trees if you're a septic tank) the other day and they are indeed the dogs dangly bits in quality and looks department to , so i need some . Mind you check his whole bike out and you can see the build quality ooozing out , and it's not just a looker he's had a rash of wins on it recently and it's survived a few big offs too ! See Co-built here

Oh did i mention i want one ? ;-)


  1. Hmmm, maybe a road legal C0-Built using one of those Frame Kits..... Hmmmmm!