Monday, 1 February 2010


All round nice guy and motorcycle enthusiast Charley Boorman gave me a ring the other day - and as usual i was'nt paying too much attention (think i was off to the loo !), but had a bit of a chat , put the phone down and said to Rach "think that guy is on TV or something - did'nt get his name " !! Anyway he phones back and Rach has a nice chat to him and puts me right about who it was (she's a big fan ) - so he phones back and it seems he likes the REDMAX web site and has got the Flattrack bug big time !(quite rightly ).
So Charley is building a W650 Streetracker and his mate has a SR500 project too , and he'd like some parts to help the build progress ! CAN DO ! (cos that's the kind of guy i am ).
He purchased a Trackmaster Tank , a Knight seat and pad , a pair of oval K&Ns and some white number boards - sounds like it's gonna be a good build ! Was going to post it all up as the Tank was still in the States , when as if by magic one appeared - so i gave him a ring and offered to take em up to him in London (in the hope of seeing some cool bikes) and meet the man so often in my Telly !
And he lived up to my expectations as a cool guy with plenty in common to a Rev head like me ! In fact we chatted away until we both realised the Traffic was closing in around us and we had to make a move before the usual gridlock set in !
Chat included talk of a Flattrack ride on a Co-built bike and Joining Shorttrack UK for a race even ! i'm gonna send the info pack on to him asap .
Charley really is a nice , down to earth guy and knows the bike world as well as anyone i know .
Bet he's got the grinder out on that Kwack right now - keeping the nieghbours awake !

If he's lucky i won't put the phone message he left me out on general release ! (mum liked it !)

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