Sunday, 9 May 2010


Sideburn girl blew out her Strumpet's base gasket on the way back from Jack's Cafe last year ! and has been on at me to sort it since , but she could,nt wait and my saturday customers were amazed to see her strip the Bonnie down in front of thier eyes and put it back together in time for tea n biscuits !

The whole bike and her legs were covered in oil as we'd been doing the ton for some time on the A34 when it blew , so it was quite a clean up operation too !

We noted that the cams and followers were all in good nick and the bores ok too although a little glased up (she soon sorted that out) and whilst she was in there she stripped the carbs out and had a clean up .

Sideburn girl mentioned she had wanted to see if her new Bio-sculpture gel nails were up to the job - i think this proves that point at least !

Darling - my bikes leaking now too , can you have a looksee after you've done tea ? "Get lost Steve ! Do it yourself ".


  1. great shots!!
    Its great to see Sideburn Girl working on her bike.........there won't be many girls who can do that!!

  2. Yes !
    We all enjoyed watching her to Dave !
    Looking forward to seeing u guys at the BMF race !
    Steve n Rach .